UAP Life Assurance Company Job Vacancies

By | May 22, 2019

UAP Life Assurance Company Job Vacancies

As a UAP associate, you’ll be a valued member of a progressive organization that embraces talent and invites collaboration. What’s more, we strive to be a company that honors the individuality of its employees by supporting their lifestyles, contributing to their communities, and helping them develop fulfilling careers.

Old Mutual plc is a leading multinational long-term savings, protection and investment group which has been operating for over 169 years. It has operations in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia, supported by over 56,000 employees serving over 16 million customers. Old Mutual is listed on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The Old Mutual Group in East Africa comprises of Old Mutual Life Assurance, Old Mutual Investment Group, Old Mutual Investment Services, Old Mutual Securities, Faulu Microfinance Bank, UAP Holdings, UAP Investments, UAP Insurance and UAP Life. The companies have opportunities for qualified, experienced and talented individuals to fill the following positions, whose details are further outlined below, within the Group.


UAP Old Mutual Life Assurance Uganda Limited a subsidiary of the UAP Old Mutual group seeks to fill a number of key positions to strengthen its dynamic team. It therefore seeks to recruit for the following strategic positions . 

1. Finance Manager . (1) 

2. Account Reconciliation Officer. (2) 

3. Business Development Manager – Financial Institutions. (1) 

4. Business Development Manager – Saccos & Micro – Finance Institutions. (1) ​



This cover enables organizations to pay a lump sum amount (which is a fixed amount or a multiple of the employee’s salary) to:

– an employee who is critically ill or permanently disabled

– the beneficiaries of a deceased employee

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