Teachers Service Commission – TPAD Deadline

Teachers Service Commission – TPAD Deadline 2021

TSC to train teachers on how to use the new appraisal system, TPAD 2

New TPAD 2 portal by TSC.

You may have had difficulties accessing the new Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD 2) portal. Maybe you have taken too long to access your account on TPAD 2. Worry not. The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has changed the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or simply address to access the new TPAD 2. This is after numerous complaints were raised by teachers on the troublesome link; issued before.

Click on this link to login Teachers’ Appraisee and Appraiser TPAD 2 log in links

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The beauty with the new address/ link is that it loads pretty fast. All that you need to log in is your TSC Number, ID Number and password. But, you must first register to be able to access the portal. The new link to access the TPAD 2 is;

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has extended the deadline for filing teachers’ term 2 TPAD appraisals. Teachers now have up to the 6th of April to file their TPAD returns online. The initial deadline had been set for March 26, 2021.

The TPAD 2 portal has been having constant down times with teachers having difficulties accessing it; more so during the day.

Be on the look out not to miss any other deadline like that of Email activation. Check this link for all the details; Teachers’ calendar watch 2021; See a list of termly activities plus their deadlines (Updated)

Are you stuck on how to carry out any procedure on TPAD 2 portal? Worry not. Below is a detailed guide to make your work easier.


The process of registering for the new TPAD account is flawless. It can be done even via your mobile phone. See the steps below:

  • Access the new TPAD 2 registration portal by clicking on this link;
  • Now enter the required data; TSC Number, Phone Number, ID Number, E-mail and password.
  • Click on ‘Create Account’ once through.
  • Your account will be created and logged onto automatically.
  • In the new window, add your level of education and subjects combination details.
  • To update information on Subject Combination, select ‘Subject Combination’ Tab. Then, click on ‘Add Subjects Combination’. Now, type in your subjects and click on ‘Submit’.
  • To add your qualification details, select the ‘Level of Education’ tab followed by ‘Add Education Level’. Select your KCSE Grade, Highest Level of Education and Institution where you attended. Click on ‘Submit’ once done.
  • Now you can proceed to log into your account by clicking on ‘proceed to Log in’.

Here are links to the most important news portals:


In case you forget your password, you can reset it by following the steps below:


Teachers Service Commission Code of Regulations for Teachers, regulation 52 (1) provide for the Commission to develop an open performance appraisal system for teachers in its employment. This is with a view to strengthening supervision and continuous monitoring of the performance of teachers in the maintenance of the teaching standards at the institutional level.

The Commission has therefore developed this Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development system with the anticipation of supporting teachers to improve in their teaching competencies. TPAD which an open appraisal system will allow teachers in primary and secondary schools to participate in evaluating their own performance and initiate their professional development.

Through this appraisal and development system, it is envisaged that teachers will become more empowered to regain the lost glory of the teaching profession and earn public confidence and support.

Term Appraisals

YearTermAppraisee DeadLineAppraiser Deadline
2019TERM 15/31/20195/31/2019
2019TERM 29/28/20199/28/2019
2018TERM 16/1/20186/1/2018
2018TERM 29/10/20189/10/2018
2018TERM 31/6/20191/6/2019

Important Notice

Before Loging in to the system, ensure you have been activated by the Sub-County Director or the head of institution.

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