Pioneer Assurance Company Job Vacancies

By | May 21, 2019

Pioneer Assurance Company Job Vacancies

Pioneer Insurance

Pioneer Insurance is a limited liability company incorporated under Kenyan law to consolidate the operations of its subsidiaries. The two main subsidiaries are Pioneer Assurance Company Limited and Pioneer General Insurance Limited.

Pioneer Assurance Company Limited

Pioneer Assurance Company Limited formally Pioneer General Assurance Society Ltd. was established in 1930 as the first company in Kenya to insure Africans. The Company’s registered office is situated at Pioneer House along Moi Avenue, Nairobi (Kenya).

On 1st January 2002, Pioneer Assurance Company Limited acquired the closed life funds of Occidental Insurance Company Limited and Fidelity Shield Insurance Company Limited. The company has 18 sales offices across the country with a total of over 700 independent sales representatives.

Over the years, Pioneer Assurance has continued to provide Kenyans with financial security and peace of mind. It has stood strong to provide Insurance services in Kenya regardless of the many economic challenges and difficulties that the country has gone through.

The company has established a reputation for excellence based on promises made and promises kept through provision of transparent and competitive services. As at 31st December 2016, the Company’s annual premium turnover was in excess of Kshs 5.2 Billion placing it among the top ten life underwriters in Kenya.

Pioneer General Insurance Company Limited

Pioneer General Insurance Limited was incorporated in 2015 and is duly licensed by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to underwrite all classes of general insurance in Kenya. The company’s registered office is situated at Pioneer House along Moi Avenue, Nairobi (Kenya). Pioneer General Insurance Limited is owned by Pioneer Insurance Holdings Limited. The Company has a sound financial foundation, with a capital base in excess Kshs. 600M.

With its major focus being customer satisfaction, the company has robust and dynamic ICT systems in place to support provision of world class service to its esteemed customers. Further, Pioneer General has very strong reinsurance treaties and is being supported by well rated reinsurance companies as enlisted;

African Reinsurance Corporation “A”

PTA (Zep) Reinsurance Company “B+”

Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Ltd” B+”

East Africa Reinsurance Company Ltd “BB+”

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