TSC Online Payslip for Teachers

By | January 24, 2024

Any teacher employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, must be appointed to the Commission’s payroll system.

The payroll system is used to process teachers’ monthly salaries and allowances. Teachers do not receive equal salaries. This is because the teachers’ salaries are determined by such factors as the job grade, place of work, physical status and responsibilities.

Chief Principals at Job group D5 (T-Scale 15) are the highest-paid teachers in Kenya. These teachers mostly work in National schools. Teachers working in major towns and municipalities earn more than those working in rural areas. This is because TSC pays them more house allowances.

Another group of teachers who receive extra pay are those working in hardship areas. Nevertheless, all teachers receive Commuter and hardship allowances based on their job groups. Also paid to the teachers is an annual leave allowance; that comes with the January salaries.

Several deductions are slashed from the teacher’s monthly pay. These are either statutory (mandatory) or third-party. Top on the list is the deduction towards the teachers’ pension scheme called the Provident Fund which is a statutory deduction. Pay As You Earn (PAYE), National Social Health Insurance Fund (NSHIF), Housing Levy Fund and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) are other mandatory deductions.

Teachers with loans in Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and Banks remit huge amounts of third-party deductions every month. The Teachers’ Unions (Kuppet and Knut) also receive a share of the teachers’ salaries.

How to receive a TSC Payslip.

A TSC payslip is an important document provided by TSC monthly. The Payslip contains the teacher’s details, Pay-point, basic salary, allowances, deductions and net salary. Once employed and appointed to the TSC Payroll, a teacher starts to receive his/ her payslip online. All that one requires to log onto the TPAY portal is the TSC number and Password.

Apart from the online payslips, the TPAY portal also enables a teacher to access the latest P9 forms used for filing annual tax returns. A teacher can also monitor all the third-party deductions online at the same portal.

The Payslip is also used to identify teachers during important third-party functions like SACCO and union elections.

Please be very keen to reveal your Tpay password to anyone. Some unscrupulous online scavengers have caused serious harm to teachers by applying and approving third-party deductions to infamous insurance schemes.

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