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TSC New Teachers’ Online Portal for Teaches Application

TSC unveils a new teachers’ online platform for official emails, virtual meetings and remote learning; Applications for transfers to be done online The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has moved to provide most of its services via its online platform. Teachers seeking transfers will now file their applications online as opposed to the manual application process. Other services that have been… Read More »

TSC Enhancement Course in Kenya for Teachers and Educators 2021

If you want to increase your chances of being employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), you need to enrol in the enhancement course in Kenya for teachers and educators. The course is appropriate for teachers who had initially done one teaching subject and are required to have two teaching subjects. The Ministry of Education has time and… Read More »

TSC Issue Measures Against Teachers Not Following TPAD Procedures 2021

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has warned school administrators who have allowed rogue Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) filling in their schools. Via an Internal memo, TSC has expressed their disappointment by heads of schools who allow teachers to skew TPAD process when there is a given procedure for their activities. “It has come to our attention… Read More »

TSC 2021 Memo for Guidance And Counselling Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued an Internal Memo to all County Directors to provide data on Guidance and Counselling teachers in their counties as per the provided templates. This is in light of the recent student unrest in schools, there have been called from various stakeholders for the Guidance and Counselling departments of schools to be… Read More »

TSC New Guidelines Competency Base Curriculum 2021

Teaching just like any other profession has its code of regulations to be followed by the teachers.As a profession, teaching is regarded as among the disciplined professions across the world.This is due to the fact that the teachers are expected to be role models for the students. In Kenya, the Teachers Service Commission has been in the forefront in taking drastic… Read More »

TSC Issue 2021 Deployment Letters To The Following Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission has been conducting deployment of new Teachers since last year. In the recent recruitment, the Commission recruited 11,000 Teachers under permanent and pensionable terms. On the other hand, also 6,000 Teachers were deployed on contract under internship. These newly recruited teachers have not yet received their employment letters. For this reason, Teachers have been in dilemma.… Read More »

TSC advertise positions for Principal Teacher Management Officers; Requirements, deadlines and how to apply

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is advertising vacant positions for Principal Teacher Management Officers. There are 47 vacancies to be filled and application is purely online. VACANCY: PRINCIPAL TEACHER MANAGEMENT OFFICER TSC SCALE -7 Advert Number: 202101PTMO No of Posts: 47 Job Description Duties and Responsibilities performed by Principal Teacher Management Officers Duties and responsibilities at this level will entail: – Facilitate the… Read More »

TSC advertises 1,000 promotion vacancies for teachers. See how to apply

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has advertised 1000 promotion positions for Diploma teachers. The online application portal will be available by end of the day. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is a Constitutional Commission established under article 237 of the Constitution. Pursuant to its mandate, the Commission is inviting applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the posts… Read More »

TSC advertises New Internship Vacancies at the Secretariat; Requirements and How to apply

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is advertising Secretariat Internship Vacancies. The vacancies are available in six specializations and qualified candidates can submit their applications online. ADVERTISED TSC SECRETARIAT INTERNSHIP VACANCIES 2021 Below is a list of the available positions; ADVERT NO. POSITION CATEGORY DUE DATE JOB DESCRIPTION 202012SXX06 STATISTICIANS/ECONOMISTS/RESEARCHERS EXTERNAL 12-01-2021 Details 202012SXX05 LEGAL EXTERNAL 12-01-2021 Details 202012SXX04 CORPORATE… Read More »

TSC Promotes New 32,000 more teachers in addition to 53,000 teachers promoted in July 2020

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has promoted 32,000 more teachers this December. This is in addition to the 53,000 teachers promoted in July 2020. This is as per the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) for teachers that were introduced in 2017.Teachers aligned to the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, have though been left out. KNUT is in court opposing the CPG model.… Read More »