TSC Deadline TPAY

By | July 12, 2022

TSC TPAY Deadline:This Is How Principals And Head Teachers Can Approve Their Teachers’ TPAY Details As Earlier Directed By TSC By 15th July, 2022.

TSC TPAY Deadline: This Is How Principals And Head Teachers Can Approve Their Teachers’ TPAY Details As Earlier Directed By TSC By 15th July 2022.

For most teachers having completed the process of updating their TPAY profiles as directed by their employer, the process remains incomplete because the heads of institutions must validate the TPAY Details for their teachers.

This process will be done by the head of institutions verifying and approving the profile of teachers under their supervision by the 8th of July 2022

It is important to note that their profiles will be verified and approved by the Sub-County Directors ( Primary School Head Teachers) and the County Directors for the Post Primary Institution heads.

The Keweb Media Team has compiled the following easy steps to assist the school managers (Supervisors) validate the TPAY Details of their teachers.

  1. The school heads should ensure that the staff has uploaded a clear-colored passport-size photograph.
  2. Ensure that staff has captured the correct mobile number
  3. The Supervisors should ensure that the staff has captured the correct TSC work email in the format abc@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke
  4. Click the handle( three small lines at the top left of your TPAY) to open the menus
  5. Click the Manage Menu.
  6. Click the Search Teacher tab
  7.  Enter TSC Number and Search
  8. Click the Action button to open the approve profile pop-up search
  9. If the details are correct approve by clicking the Approve button at the bottom right side of the pop-up screen.


The Commission has made it clear through its communication that all the teachers and the Secretariate staff must update their T-PAY details by the 15th of July 2022.

Communication from the Teachers’ Employer (TSC) through her CEO  Dr. Nancy Macharia says that the exercise that started on the 9th of June, 2022 is aimed at protecting its employees from fraudsters and in turn, helps enhance the security features of its various systems.

The statement from the Upper Hill office said that the TPAY System manages teachers and Secretariate Pay slips, P9 Statements, Control Sheets, Third Party transactions, applications, and Approval of Loans.

Her statement further went on to say that the users of the System have faced a myriad of problems in the past where online fraudsters have used details of bonafide users of the system to gain access to the system.

To buttress the teachers’ security, the CEO says that, the Commission has enhanced security by introducing a two-level authentification process, where the OTP is sent to the user’s registered phone number or Email to enable them to log in.

It was noted that the Passport Size Photo uploaded on the TPAY Profile is meant to assist the financial institutions in the physical identification of the applicants for financial services as legitimate users and owners of the TPAY Accounts.

To enhance the security of teachers’ information a step that is in line with the Data Protection Act 2019, the Commission requires all teachers to update their TPAY Profiles before the 15th of July 2022.