Full List of Latest Paid Batches From HELB Desk

By | February 10, 2021

The higher education loans board has today announced on its Twitter handle that the latest paid batch was batch number 3189(semester two) and batch number 3158 should wait until seventy-two hours from today for the loan to be disbursed in their accounts. Most of the other batches are to be paid in February this year.

What the higher education loans board may not alert you in advance is to confirm your admission number. Just in case you had a change of course and all your colleagues received their loans except you, then you should consider updating your new admission number with the board. Also in case of nill allocation make sure you appealed in time since the appeal window is already closed.

How to find out your batch number

Seemingly a good number of students are not cognizant of batch numbers. In case you have no access to smart smartphone or laptop higher education loans board has your back by introducing the use of USSD. Dial *642# and follow the prompts. In case you are privileged and have internet access, then log into your higher education loans board portal and download the details of your loan.

The batch number should always be visible just in case you are assigned. Still, you can ask HELBĀ from their official communication handles or via phone call. For any inquiries about the higher education loans board, feel free to ask in the comments section below. I will reach you instantly.