ECDE Teacher’s Salary Increase At Nyeri County

By | November 5, 2023

Nyeri County Increases ECDE Teacher’s Salary; New Pay Rise Per Job Group.

Teachers specializing in Early Childhood and Development Education in Nyeri have cause for joy following the county’s announcement of increased compensation benefits totalling between Sh11,000 and Sh22,000. This gives over 800 educators a reason to celebrate.

Governor Mutahi Kahiga of Nyeri stated during a meeting with educators at the Nyeri Cultural Centre that teachers would begin receiving their increased compensation by the end of the month.

The increase, according to the county boss, is the result of the Council of Governors’ successful development of a Scheme of Service and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s approval of the new salaries.

Kahiga informed the teachers that during his tenure as the chairman of the Education Committee at CoG, he had exerted significant effort to secure a Scheme of Service that is universally applicable across all 47 counties. This Scheme of Service ensures that Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers in places like Turkana and Nyeri are on equal footing.

He emphasized that this scheme not only results in improved salaries but also establishes a transparent career progression framework for educators.

The county promoted 816 ECDE teachers from contract to permanent, pensionable positions in the previous year.

According to the Scheme of Service, the 177 ECDE teachers in Job Group ‘F’, formerly earning a monthly salary of Sh13,983, will now get an additional Sh25,220 per month. This adjustment signifies a substantial salary increment of Sh11,237.

From now on, the 536 ECDE instructors in Job Group ‘G’ will receive Sh31,550 per month as opposed to the previous Sh15,424 they earned. Educators in Job Group ‘H’ now get a Sh19,000 raise, bringing their total take-home pay to Sh34,750.

Similarly, those in Job Group ‘K’, representing the highest cadre, will now receive Sh52,833 in gross pay, an increase of Sh22,000 from their previous salary of Sh30,227.

“The backdated pay will be effective as of July this year,” Kahiga stated, adding that the ECDE teachers have been upgraded to meet the standards set by the County Public Service Board. As with other county government employees, the ECDE teachers will now be eligible for promotions and salary increases in accordance with the regulations of the County Public Service Board.

Additionally, the governor reaffirmed his dedication to enhancing the quality of the more than 400 ECDE centres located throughout the county. He stated that the county had already provided ECDE teachers with 150 tables and an equivalent number of contemporary chairs, with plans to deliver the remaining 650 as part of an initiative to ensure that the teachers worked in a conducive environment.

Concurrently, he urged the educators to rally behind the county government through the production of tangible outcomes.

Kahiga stated that they had supported the staff by transitioning them from contract to permanent and pensionable employment. The county government had also pledged to assist ECDE centres by supplying learning materials and equipment for both the staff and students.

He emphasized the importance of reciprocation, urging them to provide the best care and education to the children.