Duma Works: Finance and Administration Manager Job 2019

By | February 20, 2019

Duma Works: Finance and Administration Manager Job 2019

Duma Works is recruiting a Finance and Administration Manager for one of its clients in Nairobi, Moko Home + Living.


Moko Home + Living is a growing company bursting with innovation, creativity and passion.  Our customers dream of a better night’s sleep, a welcoming place to host their guests, a fun and safe place for their children to play. But they tell us this isn’t easy – they have to settle for low-quality furnishings or break the bank.  Join us in building the products, the brand and the network to put quality living within everyone’s reach.  Here’s what our team has accomplished in the few years since our founding:

  •  Reached over 100,000 Kenyan homes with our products
  • Attracted global investment to continue fuelling our growth and vision
  • Supported the growth of over 200 small furniture businesses across the country
  • Grown from a start-up to a mid-sized company


Moko’s Finance and Administration Manager supports all of our teams as we work to put a smile on the faces of millions of customers.  This role is about leading our accounting, managing processes for serving our customers and employees, collecting and sharing data needed for key decision-making and helping us make the best use of our resources.  Our perfect match is just as excited about crunching numbers and improving financial controls as coaching a junior accountant through a new reconciliation or working with our production coordinator to manage overtime more effectively.


Lead key accounting and finance functions

·          Serve as the company’s chief accountant, managing accounting officers and taking overall responsibility for accuracy of all financial reporting and tax compliance

·          Manage short-term cash flows, balancing inflows and outflows and making decisions around short-term investment and forex management

·          Ensure adequate controls are in place to support judicious use of company resources

·          Coordinate financial accountability and control across the organization – lead budgeting, ensure expenses are accurately tracked to cost centers, realize opportunities for reducing risk and cost

·          Prepare monthly management accounts, payroll, and statutory filings

Drive planning, reporting, compliance, and administration

·          Work with the company’s directors to support company-wide financial analysis and planning

·          Support development and reporting against key metrics across teams; prepare key investor reports

·          Take ownership of key administrative functions including management of insurance, compliance, and elements of HR – ensure strong processes and appropriate resources are in place

Develop and lead a high performing team

·          Invest in coaching and development of your team, taking advantage of opportunities to grow team members’ responsibilities and keep pace with company growth

·          Maintain a high-performance culture, rewarding outstanding accomplishment

·          Hire and coach new talent into your team in line with the company’s expansion strategy


Moko invests in building the capacity and skills within our team. Your manager will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship from the management team.  Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new roles opening up and opportunities in many functions. This results in fast career growth for those who are ready to take up the challenge.


·          A strong command of accounting to IFRS standards and Kenya tax compliance

·          A management skill set and passion for supporting team members to realize their full potential

·          Excited by getting the details right and running efficient processes

·          Eager to stretch functional experience beyond finance to support planning, reporting, and administration across the organization

·          Strong analytical skills and an advanced analysis toolkit including expertise in Microsoft Excel

·          An initiative-taker, problem-solver and quick learner eager to work autonomously guided by regular feedback from the company’s senior leadership

·          Hungry to take advantage of the development opportunities within a quickly-growing company


To apply online  visit moko.co.ke/careers

Deadline for receiving applications: Tuesday, 19 March 2019