Criteria For Selection and Placement to Junior Secondary Schools

By | September 15, 2022

The Ministry of Education has developed criteria that will be used to select and place all learners currently in Grade Six, to Junior Secondary School (JSS) in January 2023.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha says the placement process will be based on performance of CBC Nurturing Every Learner’s Potential the learners, among other considerations.

“Selection for admission of learners into JSS will be premised on the principles of: merit (performance in Kenya Primary School Education Assessment – KPSEA); equity (affirmative action where required); choice of schools by learners on advice by parents and teachers; and institutional declared capacity”, the CS said.

Learners with special needs who can follow the regular pathway will have their assessment papers adapted based on their area of special needs.

However, those with severe and multiple disabilities, however, will rely on their readiness to transition to the next levels.

The performance will be determined by the learner’s cumulative score in both school-based assessment and national summative assessment which account for 60 and 40 per cent respectively.

However, learners are also allowed to select a school of their choice in consultation with their parents and

The learners shall be placed in all existing CBC Nurturing Every
Learner’s Potential public and private secondary schools.

“Parents who choose to take their children to private schools will meet the cost of learning charged by the private schools”, said Prof. Magoha.

In compliance with the 100 per cent transition policy,
all learners will be placed in Junior Secondary School institutions.

The CS said arrangements have been put in place to support the selection and placement process.

“To provide additional learning space, public secondary schools which share a compound with a public primary school will utilize the available classroom space in primary schools”, said Prof Magoha.

The learner takes the centrestage in the learning process with the teacher providing guidance and support.

CBC equips learners with competencies to think, solve problems, discover new insights about the marvels of life and nature, while the teachers guide and coach the learners.

There is no additional cost Courtesy Photo in delivering CBC.

As with the 8.4.4 system of education, there are no unique instructional materials needed to facilitate learning under CBC.