Carolina for Kibera Vacancies 2020

By | May 23, 2019

Carolina for Kibera Vacancies 2020

CFK was born out of an unlikely friendship between Rye Barcott, Tabitha Festo, and Salim Mohamed in the summer of 2000. The mix of an undergrad at the University of North Carolina, a widowed nurse, and a community organizer created a power team capable of bringing about change in Kibera.

Bringing their diverse experiences to the table, each co-founder found ways to channel their passions through CFK. As a U.S. Marine and a student, Rye understood the importance of both protecting residents from violence and advocating for education.

As a nurse and Kibera resident, Tabitha understood the daily struggles that Kiberans faced and sought to provide better access to health care across the settlement. And through his work with MYSA, the largest youth sports program in Africa, Salim understood the value that sports could provide to the youth of Kibera. 

Driven by local needs, the three co-founders launched our mission to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change, and alleviate poverty in Kibera. Not just as friends, but as visionaries, they laid a path for a collaborative network of programs which advance health, education, ethnic cooperation, gender equality, and economic empowerment by equipping local leaders with tools to strengthen the community.

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