AIC Sombe Girls High School KCSE Results-Performance Analysis And Ranking By KNEC

By | February 7, 2023

AIC Sombe Girls High School KCSE 2022-2023 Results-Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022/2023; School Mean 8.545(KCSE 2022), Rank (115), Grade Summary, and Distribution & Transition Rate to Universities and Colleges in 2023

AIC Sombe Girls High School KCSE Online Results-Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec

AIC Sombe

OFFICIAL KCSE Results 2022/2023 for AIC Sombe Girls High School

The school’s current mean score stands at 8.545 B (KCSE 2022) a positive deviation from (KCSE 2021 results). It was ranked position 115 nationally. The school presented 83 candidates for the KCSE 2022 exams. 82 out of 83 candidates attained the minimum entry grade- C+ to universities and colleges under KUCCPS sponsorship in 2023. The KCSE 2022 grade distribution for AIC Sombe Girls High School is as follows: A(0), A-(1), B+(4), B(40), B-(32), C+(4), C(1), C-(0), D+ (0), D(0). Click HERE to get the KCSE 2023 Results for AIC Sombe High School once this year’s KCSE results are officially released in December.

AIC Sombe Girls High School 2022/2023 KCSE Results Analysis and Grade Count

AIC Sombe Girls High School records an impressive result in the 2022 KCSE exams. The school recorded a mean score of 8.545 points which is a B (plain).

The school’s current mean score thus stands at 8.545 B (KCSE 2022-January 2023 Results) a marked improvement, a positive deviation from KCSE 2021- April 2022 Results.

This is an extra county school located in Kitui County, Eastern Region in Kenya that has made it to the list of KCSE Top 100 schools nationally.

In KCSE 2022, it was ranked position 115 among the top nationally. Check out the 2023/2024 KCSE results for AIC Sombe Girls High School at the KNEC portal once the results are officially released. Click Here to access the KNEC portal.

AIC Sombe Girls High School

The school offers both the new Competence Based Curriculum, CBC, and the nearly phased-out 8-4-4 education system to the students under the Kenyan curriculum. It has got approximately 600 students and over 30 teaching staff.

AIC Sombe Girls High School Notable Alumni,

Notable alumni encompass renowned lawyers, doctors, advocates, doctors, and teachers. Click HERE to view notable alumni of the school.

AIC Sombe Girls High School KCSE results,

Based on its tradition and high entry grade/ pass mark during form one selection, the school is likely to excel in the upcoming KCSE examinations. Click HERE to view a comprehensive analysis of KCSE Results for the school and other KCSE top-performing schools once the results are officially released.

AIC Sombe Girls High School form one selection,

Form one selection to this school is purely done online by the ministry of education based on KCPE merit.

KCSE Results 2022-2023 for AIC Sombe Girls High School

AIC Sombe Girls High School Posts Stellar Performance during the KCSE 2022-2023 Results, Check out the School’s KCSE 2021-2022 results, Mean score, grade distribution, candidature-enrolment rates, number of As, ranking, mean grade summary, and previous KCSE Results (2021.2020,2019).

AIC Sombe Girls High School stamped authority once more in Kitui County on matters of academic performance and KCSE 2022-2023 Results ranking in 2023.

The school proved its worth after scooping the highly sought-after KCSE 2022 top grades thus emerging among the Top 200 schools nationally and the best-performing and top-ranking school in Kitui County.

Worth noting is the fact that during the KCSE 2022 Results released in January 2023, AIC Sombe Girls High School had over 85% of its KCSE 2022 candidates attaining the minimum direct entry grade to the university under full government sponsorship-KUCCPS in 2023.

Performance Analysis & Grade Count Summary for AIC Sombe Girls High School, one of the KCSE 2022/2023 Top Ranking Secondary Schools Nationally and in Kitui County, Eastern Region

If you are dying to know how AIC Sombe Girls High School performed during the KCSE 2021-2022 KNEC exams, we have provided a comprehensive analysis of the school’s KCSE 2021-2022 results on our website. Click on the following link to access Verified KCSE 2021-2022 Results for all KCSE Top performing schools; official KNEC Results Portal, 

Get a detailed analysis of AIC Sombe Girls High School KCSE 2022 mean grade count summary for the whole school and other KCSE top-performing and best-ranking secondary schools across the  47 counties HERE; KCSE 2022-2023 OFFICIAL AND VERIFIED KNEC RESULTS PORTAL