A Comprehensive Guide To All TSC Online Services

By | May 24, 2023

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) offers a wide range of online services that have revolutionized the way teachers access essential information and streamline administrative processes.

In this article, we will explore the various TSC online services and provide detailed guides on how to utilize them effectively.

From checking pension status to applying for vacancies and accessing salary information, TSC’s online services are designed to simplify and enhance the experience for its members.

TSC Online Services

Bringing Assistance Closer TSC offers multiple online services that eliminate the need for physical visits or long queues.

Members can easily check their pension status and access their TSC payslips conveniently.

With a comprehensive guide on utilizing TSC’s online services, including applications, registration, and online status checks, navigating these services becomes seamless.

Application for Vacancies Made Easy

Gone are the days when applying for TSC vacancies involved tedious paperwork and complex submission processes.

Now, teachers can simply fill out online application forms to apply for available positions. The following guides provide step-by-step instructions on applying online for TSC job openings:

  • TSC Recruitment: Vacancies, Requirements, and Deadlines
  • How to Apply for TSC Promotion
  • How to Check Your TSC Employment or Registration Status
  • TSC Internship Application: A Guide to Applying via HRMIS Online
  • TSC Number Application Requirements and Process Guide
  • TSC teachers Recruitment Requirements
  • TSC Requirements for Teachers in Kenya
  • TSC Salaries and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

TSC Salaries and Benefits

The Teachers Service Commission has been actively advocating for better pay for its members, resulting in significant salary increments protected by long-term collective bargaining agreements.

Stay updated on the latest teachers’ salary figures and benefits through the following guides:

  • New TSC Salaries and Grading System for Teachers
  • Teachers Service Commission Salary Scales: Is It Time for a Better Pay?
  • TSC-KNUT CBA 2021-2025 Breakdown: Everything You Should Know
  • TSC Promotions and Salary Increases: Everything You Should Know
  • TSC Allowances per Job Group According to the Latest Circular
  • KNUT News on Teachers’ Promotion and Pay
  • New TSC Teachers’ Salary
  • Types of Leaves for Teachers in Kenya
  • TSC T-Pay: A Guide to Registering, Viewing, and Downloading Payslips Online

Exploring the TSC Website for Online Services

Visiting the official Teachers Service Commission website reveals a multitude of online services available for teachers.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of online access to various TSC services, from salary information to application processes.

  • Teacher Performance Appraisal with TSC TPAD 2: Account Login, Registration, and Online Appraisal Form Filling
  • TPAD Appraisal Report: A Quick Guide to Downloading and Printing
  • TSC Employment and Registration Status: How to Check Online
  • TSC Teacher Transfer Application Process

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