2019 Kenya Prisons Services Shortlist

By | March 11, 2019

2019 Kenya Prisons Services Shortlist

Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates 2019

The Kenya Prisons Service is mandated by Caps 90 and 92 (Prisons and Borstal Acts), Laws of Kenya, to do the following:-

Containment and keeping in safe custody of offenders.

Rehabilitation and Reformation of offenders through training, counseling, Educational and professional Programmes.

Facilitate administration of justice by producing offenders to Courts.

Control and training of youthful offenders in Borstal and YCTC Institutions.

Recruitment and Training of Prisons Manpower requirements. 

Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates 2019

This guide will help you know if Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates is out or not. You’ll instantly get the proper guide on how to verify if your name is on the list or not.

Note:  Kenya Prisons Services do release names of every Kenyan who filled their job application form. So if you are one of the many Kenyans, then chances are that your name will likely be on the shortlisted candidates name.

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Ensure to comment before leaving this page, we’ll update this guide soon.
For now, you’re to officially note that Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates 2019 is not yet online.

How to Check 2019/2020 Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates 2019?

The only period when you can check Kenya Prisons Services shortlist is when it’s out. For now it’s not yet out. But you can visit http://www.prisons.go.ke/ (Kenya Prisons Services Recruitment Portal/website) to check the list’s on Kenya Prisons Services website whenever it comes out.

The news about Kenya Prisons Services Shortlisted Candidates 2019 for recruitment is what we’ve covered now.

This is to inform all candidates that applied for Kenya Prisons Services 2019 Recruitment that physical Screening/Verification exercise for 2019 recruitment is not yet fixed.

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Once the list’s of successful candidates comes out, Further details are provided to all shortlisted candidates.

So if you want updates whenever Kenya Prisons Services releases your state’s list’s of shortlisted successful candidates.