Villa Care Ltd Job Vacancies

By | May 24, 2019

Villa Care Ltd Job Vacancies

Villa Care Kenya provides a wide array of real estate and property management services to individuals as well as private sector and government clients. The entire team is fully committed to providing the following services:

Sale of Up-Market Residential Properties

Villacare has an impressive portfolio of highly innovative and beautiful properties it has developed and that are currently on sale. These include:

Villa Care (K) Ltd. undertakes management of both commercial and residential properties with a personalized approach to each of its landlords using a team of accountants and well trained property managers coupled with the latest technology in computer accounting.

We provide unparalleled management services, where rents collected are released as per agreement with landlords, proper accounts and budgets for properties are made. Villa Care (K) Ltd also advices landlords on all other matters relating to properties e.g. taxes legal suits arising from tenancies, improvements of properties, security, cleaning etc., ensuring that landlords have peace of mind on their property investment

We offer highly professionalized services that fully respond to our clients needs related to land, real estate and construction industries. We are also responsible for controlling or coordinating the whole property development process, representing our clients to ensure increased efficiency, economy, communication and successful completion of projects.

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