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By | January 6, 2021

Upon successful Admission to the University of Nairobi, fulfilling all travel requirements and payment of all fees due, a student is expected to generate a registration number on the Student Management Information System (SMIS) portal.

Once admitted, you can register for your studies online without travelling to Nairobi. The link to the registration portal is provided in the SMIS portal

The student is expected to upload certified copies of the documents for registration indicated on the student’s application portal as Joining Instructions. This process is linked to biometric registration. The Student is required to carry her/his original certificates upon reporting for confirmation purposes.

The University of Nairobi Online Registration. The University of Nairobi Online Registration Form portal has enabled the placement of qualified candidates into the University of Nairobi 2023/2024 Academic Session

To register:


 Applicants can access the University of Nairobi student self–service portal Students Management Information System (SMIS): . To log in, Students will use the login details sent to them via email, or write to the following offices to request the login details.

 Undergraduate Students:  and for  Postgraduate students: 


Once an applicant logs in, they are required to download the comprehensive joining Instructions (Academic, Legal and Health Requirements). This document contains important forms that need to be filled out and uploaded onto the system. Print all the forms and fill them out in full as guided (steps 1-22). Scan the filled documents and upload them. Please ensure you scan your passport photograph and upload it to the system. Place your request for student ID as detailed in the Joining Instructions document JI/17. The IDs will be availed to the respective Deans’/Directors’ offices once printed for your collection.

Use this checklist to ensure you have all the required documents: 


Students are required to fill out these forms and upload them on the SMIS system. 

-1-  KCSE 2019 Government Sponsored Students Checklist for Admission Registration Requirements – 2020/2021 Academic Year​

-2- Self Sponsored/ Module II Students Checklist For Admission Registration Requirements – 2020/2021 Academic Year

-3-A checklist of academic documents to be uploaded during the virtual reporting and registration



1.       Fees: pay requisite fees in the accounts provided.

2.       Letter of offer of student Bursary(where applicable)

3.       Letter of Acceptance-JI/A

4.       Student Personal Details-JI/2

5.       Student Medical Examination Report-JI/3

6.       Emergency Operation Form-JI/4

7.       Declaration for Admission/Re-Admission/Studentship-JI/5A

8.       A duly executed Student  Bond-JI/5B

9.       Sponsorship Form(where applicable)-JI/6B

10.   Duly completed Accommodation Application Form-JI/7B

11.    Duly completed Accommodation Declaration Form -JI/8\

12.   Receipt for accommodation (suspended ) further guidance to be given in due course) – Form to be shared with students for future use

13.   Duly signed a declaration on Rules and Regulations- JI/13B

14.   Biometric Registration ( upload your scanned passport photo and signature)_

15.   Signed the Nominal Roll(Click on the link to sign the nominal roll)


1.       Fees: pay requisite fees in the account provided in your letter of admission

2.       Letter of offer of student Bursary(where applicable)

3.       Letter of Acceptance-PP/1A

4.        Non-Acceptance/Deferment Form -PP/1B

5.       Declaration for Admission-PP/2

6.       A duly executed Student  Bond-PP/3

7.       Sponsorship Form(where applicable)-PP/5

8.       Student Entrance Medical Examination

9.       Biometric Registration ( upload your scanned passport photo and signature)

10.   Signed the Nominal Roll(Click on the link to sign the nominal roll)


  1. Application form
  2. Admission letter
  3. Transcripts
  4. Degree Certificates (This will depend on category)
  5. O-Level certificate
  6. ID/Passport
  7. Scanned signature    


The applicant can then access the fee structure on the SMIS system with guidelines on how to pay the prescribed fees. Please note that separate guidelines apply for Government-sponsored (module 1)  and Self-sponsored (Module 2). Fee payment guidelines


Once payment is made, students are requested to wait for at least 48 hours then log back into the system to complete the online registration and submit a registration request. Students can only submit their registration request once the portal is opened on Monday, 24th August 2020.  Applicants will receive an SMS alert once the registration process is confirmed.


Upon confirmation, applicants will then log in to the portal: to complete the student profile, fill out all the sections on the table provided and create a student’s email account and an active directory account as guided. Student email accounts are critical, students will ONLY receive official communication from the University on this email address. Students are also required to create an Active Directory Account (AD Account: This account will grant students access to various Online Learning platforms and vast University online resources)


The complete registration process; Register for your courses on the Course Registration tab.

Should you experience any challenges during the registration process please contact:

Tel. contacts: Academic Registrar 0204913199/3027/3196/3067/3065 Graduate School 0204913128/3129/8030/8032

Customer Experience Centre contacts: 0204910000, 0204914112

 Technical Support:  

Information about Active Directory (AD) accounts:


First-time users:

Reset AD password:

Helpdesk and Helpline Contacts

Helpdesk Support emails

The following are general service emails:


Undergraduate Admissions:

Graduate Admissions: