Tips to be Successful Civil Servants Teachers

By | September 26, 2022

Advice for Civil servants, and teachers- Tips to be successful


1. Be loyal to yourself and believe in your work. Hanging around your boss will alienate you from your colleagues and your boss may finally dump you when he leaves.

2. Go home. Don’t stick at work all year. You are not the pillar of your department. If you drop dead today, you will be replaced immediately and operations will continue. Make your family a priority.

3. Don’t chase promotions. Master your skills and be excellent at what you do. If they want to promote you, that’s fine if they don’t, stay positive about your personal.

4. Avoid office or work gossip. Avoid politics. Don’t join the bandwagon that backbites your bosses and colleagues. Stay away from negative gatherings that have only people as their agenda.

5. Don’t ever compete with your bosses. You will burn your fingers. Don’t compete with your colleagues, you will fry your brain.

6. Ensure you have a side business. Your salary will not sustain your needs in the long run.

7. Walk away from your comfort zone. Save some money. Let it be deducted automatically from your payslip.

8. Borrow a loan to invest in a business or to change a situation not to buy luxury. Buy luxury from your profit.

9. Keep your life, marriage, and family private. Let them stay away from your work. This is very important.

10. Build a home early. Building a house at 50 is not an achievement. Don’t get used to free/government houses and luncheons. This comfort is so dangerous. Let all your family have a good time at your house.

11. Retire early. The best way to plan for your exit was when you received the employment letter. The other best time is today. By 40 to 50 be out.

12. Join work welfare and be an active member always. It will help you a lot when any eventuality occurs.

Hope this will help you look at life positively and plan accordingly. Things have really changed and unless you plan, expect trouble and serious trouble when you eventually retire.

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