The US DV Lottery Results Are Out

By | May 5, 2023

The US Green Card Results have been announced; Must do checklists

The DV Lottery results are out.

I would like to share a few things to help all those who will be selected for the lottery.

Once selected, please take your time and gather all the information you can.

Ask for help from those who know how it works, Watch YouTube videos, join groups, and look for others who’ve won before you. These rules change every now and then. Don’t hurry and fill out DS260 and make mistakes.

Once you spend the first few days or weeks learning about the process, then fill out your DS260. Ideally, before May ends. All those selected will be given a case number.

That will start with 2023AF. If your case number is low, ensure you fill out your DS260 before the end of May and gather all documents as quickly as possible. Case numbers go from 1 to above 60k. After winning, that’s when the real wait begins.

Interviews will begin on October 1st and will continue up to next year on September 30th.

It’s a very long wait for most people.

Once you submit DS260 you will wait for your second notification letter from Kentucky consular center which will inform you when your interview will be at the Embassy.

Before your interview, you MUST do medical.

The whole process has the following expenses roughly
1. Medical 50k
2. Interview 45k
3. Flight 100k
4. Greencard fee 30k
So it’s about 250k per person meaning if you have a wife/husband and let’s say two kids that’s a million shillings.

You will need money for your passport(s) as well as getting some other documents that you could be missing like birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of good conduct and many more as may be required.

The process is expensive but it’s worth every shilling if you succeed and once you land in the US respect your host.

Good luck to everyone.