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FEASSSA Games Fixtures, Pools, Draws, Team News and Results

FEASSSA Games 2023 Latest News: Fixtures, Pools, Draws, Team News and Results 2023 FEASSSA Games- 20th Edition Host: Huye City in Rwanda Dates: 17th to 27th August 2023. A Spotlight Boys’ Soccer Teams- St. Mary’s Kitende. No one has lifted the Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Associations (FEASSSA) more than St. Mary’s kitende (SMASK) from Uganda. They have won… Read More »

Nyanza Region Term 2 Games, Pools, Fixtures

*NRSSSA TERM 2 POOLING 2022*SOCCER BOYS*POOL A.*1.siaya -Barding2.migori – Kanga sch.3.kisumu- ksm Day. *POOL B*1.homabay -Agoro sare2.nyamira-Gekendo3.kisii-Gesabakwa *GIRLS’ SOCCER**POOL A*1.kisii-kerongorori2.nyamira-Gekomoni3.homabay-Kobala *POOL B*1.siaya-Jera2.migori-St. Paul’s agenga3.kisumu- Nyakach *VOLLEYBALL BOYS**POOL A*1.kisii-Riokindo2.kisumu-st.josephs3.nyamira-Gekano *POOL B*1migori-Sagegi2.homabay-Godbura3.siaya-Barding *GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL**POOL A*1.migori-Kameji m.2.homabay-Kandiege3.kisii-Nyakembene *POOL B*1kisumu-Nyakach2.siaya-Nyakongo3.nyamira-Motagara *BASKETBALL* *BOYS’**POOL A*1.nyamira-Ekenyoro Tech.2.siaya-Maranda3.homabay-Agoro sare *POOL B*1.migori-Migori boys2.kisumu-Onjiko3.kisii-Nyanchwa *GIRLS’ BASKETBALL**POOL A*1kisii-st.angela sengera2.kisumu-Katolo3.nyamira-Ekenyoro tech. *POOL B*1.homabay-ototo2.migori-Tuk jowi3.siaya-Barchando *HANDBALL**HANDBALL BOYS**POOL A*1kisii-Ndonyo2homabay-Nyamanga3.kisumu-Maseno *POOL B*1.siaya-Rangala2.migori-Manyatta3.nyamira-Gekano *GIRLS’… Read More »