New Minimum Requirements For The Upgrade Diploma in Primary Teacher Education

By | July 20, 2023

New Minimum Requirements For The Upgrade Diploma in Primary Teacher Education Course and TTCs.


Teachers with P1 certificates can upgrade to the Diploma level to handle grades 1 – 9.

Organization of Upgrade Diploma in Primary Teacher Education.

  • Term 1-3 classwork, school-based assessments 1 and 2
  • Term 3- KNEC summative assessment
  • Term 4 Practicum

Subjects Taught

  • Professional studies
  • Physical and health education
  • Indigenous languages

NB: Upgrade Students who did group A in their P1 course take group B subjects and those who did group B in P1 take group A.

Apart from the school-based assessment, all students must do the formative assessment tasks given to them in class by the lecturers.

Entry Requirements for Upgrade Diploma in Primary Teacher Education.

  • The applicant must possess a valid PTE Certificate
  • The applicant must be registered by the Teachers Service Commission.
  • The duration of the course shall be 1500 Hours.
  • The Course shall be fully residential.
  • The trainee shall take all courses specified in the upgrading programme of the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education
  • The trainees shall undertake a Teaching Practicum of 300 Hours.
  • To be awarded the Diploma, the trainee must complete the required hours for Course Work and the stipulated assessment by the Kenya National Examination Council.
  • Applicants shall be required to produce evidence of adherence to positive morals and good behaviour.

Skills You Will Acquire

  • Classroom management
  • ICT Integration in Education
  • Educational Resource Development
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Activity-based learning strategies
  • Competency in handling all learning areas in the following; Grades 1 to 6 and Maths, Indigenous languages, Religious education, PHE, integrated science and social sciences in grades 7 to 9

Career Opportunities in This Field

  • Teaching in primary schools grades 1 to grade 6
  • Teaching in Junior high school (those with C+ mean grade in KCSE)
  • Writing of books
  • Development of Educational Resources
  • Assessments in grades 1 to 6
  • School manager

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