Murang’a University of Technology KUCCPS 2019-2020 Admission Letter

By | May 16, 2019

Murang’a University of Technology KUCCPS 2019-2020 Admission Letter

Murang’a University of Technology (MUT) aims at admitting applicants who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to MUT’s community. MUT Admission Department will review your application and supporting documentation carefully to assess your overall academic qualification and suitability for admission.

In evaluating your application, the University will consider Mean Grade scores achieved in High School, grades earned in core subjects depending on the specific programmes in which you are interested and any additional information you provided in support of your application.

Please include the year in the index number. e.g.(xxxxxxxxxxx2018) and not (xxxxxxxxxxx/2018). Click the “Submit Querry” button to download and print your admission letter… .Index Number: 

You are required to download, print and fill the following admission documents and bring them along during the day of Registration. 

Click here to download the documents.

For application of HELB loan, you are required to acquire HELB Smart Card number to enable access to HELB loan. 

Click here to fill Smart Card application form to enable the University processes your Smart Card.