Kenyatta University: 2019 6TH International Annual Conference On Education And Lifelong Learning

By | May 21, 2019

Kenyatta University: 2019 6TH International Annual Conference On Education And Lifelong Learning

THEME: Educational Reforms and Technological Advancement: Enhancing Teacher Education, Training and Competence-based Learning

Conference Dates: 15TH – 19TH JULY, 2019

Preamble and Objective

The reality of a market-oriented world economy that is characterised by technological development has motivated national initiatives that aim at creating educational environments that are supportive of not only the competency-based curriculum but also entail continued teacher capacity development. National governments, therefore, find it necessary to engage in educational reforms focussing of the curriculum form and content as well as modes of delivery with the aim of steering interventions in response to national needs within global contexts. Through government investments as well as public-private partnerships, educational reforms aimed at enhancing human well-being and sustaining the world through an education that empowers citizens to embrace judicious use and protection of natural resources. As a result of this joint vision, education remains a priority on the development agenda for every nation. Hence, the key objective of this year’s conference is to share insights emanating from both educational research and other discipline studies that inform investments in the education of children, youth and adults in response to the increasingly changing demands of a world where technology is the driver of development.

The 21st Century which has been characterized by terrific technological advancement, has more than ever before required the ultimate aim of education to focus on empowering learners for both achievement of full potential and sustainable development. In its holistic agenda, education should seek to build the learners’ capacity to not only embrace technology  as a significant tool for development, but also, to be innovative and ethical in identifying, managing and utilizing the available resources  wisely and effectively. In addition, education should stimulate all learners equitably to enable them to exploit optimally the opportunities in their contexts. Consequently, the need to reflect on the contemporary trends with regard to processes of teaching and learning, the two most important activities that take place in any educational institution, cannot be over-emphasized. Hence, the main objective of this year’s conference is to provide a forum for scholars and researchers to share both empirical research and theoretical perspectives that could offer insights   for the promotion of effective teaching and learning that is supportive of sustainable development for advancement of societies.

EVENT TIME: 8:00am – 5:00pm

SCHOOL: Kenyatta University