Kenya Schools To Reopen On 6th May

By | May 1, 2024

This follows an upsurge in the death toll ascribed to ravaging floods that have now hit 110.

A section of church and political leaders had earlier appealed to the government to suspend the reopening of schools from Monday due to the ongoing floods in the country.

So far, 150 schools across the country have been affected by floods, with some remaining submerged and with no rooftops hours before the opening date.

Collapsed classrooms, submerged schools, destroyed rooftops—these are scenes ahead of planned school reopening following heavy downpours across the country.

The Ministry of Education had also directed all Regional Directors of Education across the country to assess the rainfall situation in their areas ahead of schools reopening next week.

The Ministry said the data should be submitted by Friday, April 26.

The data/information should be emailed to by Friday, April 26,” the ministry said.

The Ministry on Thursday said it is collecting data/information to establish the readiness of all Basic Education Institutions for the second term of 2024.

The data on the effects of the rains and flooding will be crucial for planning and sharing with the Education in Emergencies cluster working group.

“As you are aware. All basic Education Institutions are expected to open for the second term of the school calendar on April 29, 2024,” the ministry said.

However, several parts of the country are experiencing heavy rains and flooding.