Karatina University Courses Offered

Karatina University Courses Offered

There are several Courses offered at Karatina University. The list of courses are below.

The School of Agriculture and Biotechnology aims at training highly skilled manpower for the Kenyan Agricultural sector. The School currently offers several undergraduate programs that include Horticulture; Food Science and Nutrition; Agricultural Economics and Resource Management; Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

We endeavour to equip our students with hands on experience through extensive practical sessions in our laboratory. Our students also gain more experience through practical lessons in the university farm; and by positive engagement with the farming community that neighbours the university.

Karatina University is situated in a rich agricultural area of Nyeri County with small scale farmers engaging in horticulture, tea and coffee farming, keeping of dairy cattle, goats for milk, chicken, rabbits, bees and fish farming. 
We also offer Diploma and Certificate courses in Tea Technology.

The School comprises of three departments namely:-
– Food Science and Nutrition
– Agricultural Resource Economics & Economics
– Crop Science

We train our students not just to be employees but also employers. We equip them with relevant skills and encourage them to use their extensive knowledge in establishing and running gainful Agricultural enterprises. We also prepare them to become researchers and scholars in Agriculture; so that they help in generation of more knowledge.

However some of the key employers in the Agricultural Sector include: The Horticultural industry locally and globally; vegetable, flower and fruit enterprises; Relevant Government of Kenya Ministries; Public, Private, Tertiary and Secondary training institutions locally and globally; Public and Private Research Institutions e.g. KARI, TRF, CRF, KEFRI, KEPHIS and other regional and international organizations; Relevant Non-governmental organizations; Industrial crops based firms; Gene Banks and Genetic conservation centres.

Programs Offered:

– Phd in Plant Protection
– Masters in Horticultural Sciences
– Post-Graduate Diploma In Tea Science And Management

– Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension Education 
– Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management 
– Bachelor of Science in Horticultural Science & Management
– Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition

– Diploma in Horticulture 
– Diploma in Agriculture
– Diploma in Tea Husbandry and Management
– Diploma in Tea Trade and Economics
– Diploma in Tea Processing and Quality Assurance

Karatina University has intakes in January, May, and September for Full Time, Weekend and Evening classes. 

Application Procedure: Application forms can be obtained from Karatina University, Main Campus, School of Business, Karatina Town or can be downloaded here

Application fee is Ksh. 3,000 for PhD programmes, Ksh. 2,000 for Masters Programmes, Ksh. 1,000 for Undergraduate Programmes and Ksh. 500 for Diploma & and Certificate Programmes. Payments should be made in Bankers Cheque in favour of Karatina University or direct deposit to the University Account: Equity Bank, Karatina Branch, Ac. No. 0040298291603

Duly filled application forms (with relevant certificates and application payment slip attached) should be sent to:

 The Registrar

Dr. David Gichuhi 
Dean School of Business
(View Academic Profile)
The School of Business (SoB) aims at producing managers and business leaders of international repute. We strive to achieve this through imparting our students with best management and entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and practices that are globally accepted. Our students are given the requisite skills that are vital in management and growth of the economy.
We offer both graduate and under-graduate courses aimed at equipping our students with hands-on skills that enable them to serve in all commercial sectors of any economy world over.The School has four Departments namely: 
– Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
– Department of Human Resources Development
– Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
– Department of EconomicsPrograms offered:
– Master of Business Management (MBM)
– Master of Science in Communication & Public Relations 
– Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
– Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
– Master of Science in Hotel and Hospitality Management
– Master of Science in Tourism Management
– Bachelor of Business Management
– Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
– Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
– Bachelor of Science in Communication and Public Relations
– Bachelor of Tourism Management
– Bachelor of Hotels and Hospitality Management
– Bachelor of Arts in Economics
– Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management- Diploma in Communications and Public Relations
– Diploma in Business Management (DBM)
– Diploma in Tourism Management
– Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management
– Diploma in Human Resource Management

School of Education & Social Sciences

The School of Education and Social Sciences aims at producing graduates who will serve in various capacities in the Education sector, Social welfare organizations and Government agencies locally and internationally. This School has positioned itself for the realization of the National Vision 2030 by developing programs that address the social and political pillars envisaged in the vision.
The School has five departments namely:
– Department of Humanities & Languages
– Department of Social Sciences
– Department of Education Foundation
– Department of Planning and Curriculum 
– Department of Psychology and Communication Technology

Besides Education matters, the School also offers courses in Criminology, Community Development, Public Administration, Political Science and Sociology. These courses address the ever-changing political paradigm in the country and the world at large. In this regard, the issues of equity, tolerance, accountability, probity, rule of law, governance, etc, are to be inculcated in the society.

Programs Offered:
– PhD in Educational Administration
– PhD in Geography

– Executive Master of Education
– Master of Education (Arts)
– Masters in Educational Administration
– Master of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Option)
– Master of Arts in History
– Master of Arts in Kiswahili
– Master of Arts in Religious Studies
– Master of Arts in Literature
– Master of Arts in Language and Linguistics
– Master of Arts in Geography
– Master of Public Administration

– Bachelor of Education (Arts)
– Bachelor of Education (Science)
– Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Option)
– Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Public Safety
– Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Public Administration
– Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
– Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

– Diploma in Secondary Education (Arts)
– Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education
– Diploma in Community Development
– Diploma in County and Public Administration
– Diploma in Criminology, Crime Prevention & Rehabilitation
– Diploma in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
– Diploma in Criminology, Criminal Justice & Security Studies
– Certificate in County Administration
– Certificate in Criminology, Criminal Justice & Security Studies

Karatina University has intakes in January, May, and September for Full Time, Weekend and Evening classes. Other intakes are in April, August and December for School Based Programmes

Application Procedure: Application forms can be obtained from Karatina University, Main Campus, Karatina University Town Campus (Telkom Building in Karatina Town), Nanyuki Campus (Telkom/Orange Building) or can be downloaded here

Fish farmers undergo training on pond management at Karatina University

The School of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies is dedicated and receptive to engagements for mutual benefit to the society and the graduates. Its mandate is to create an avenue for information interchange pertaining to Natural Resources Management for a better today and tomorrow. The School empowers graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills necessary in promoting entrepreneurship and community development in natural resources utilization and conservation of the environment. 
This School appreciates that the world’s finite natural resources are experiencing unsustainable exploitation by the runaway human population and wanton destruction. Thus, it is critical to develop and inspire professionals with specialized skills in natural resources and environmental management to sustain the prudent use of these resources. 
The School offers Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate programs.

It comprises two departments namely:
• Department of Natural Resources
• Department of Environmental Studies

Programs Offered:

– Master of Science in Wildlife Management 
– Master of Science in Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
– Master of Science in Environmental Studies

– Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources
– Bachelor of Science in Forestry
– Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies
– Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture Technology and Management

– Diploma in Tourism & Wildlife Studies
– Diploma in Aquaculture Technology and Management
– Certificate in Wildlife Sanctuary management
– Certificate in Community Wildlife Management
– Certificate in Urban Forestry and Landscaping
– Certificate in Fish pond construction and management
– Certificate in Aquaculture Technology and Management

A practical session in the Physics Lab

The School of Pure and Applied Sciences (SPAS) aims at producing professional scientists for careers in industry, teaching and research. The school focuses on imparting knowledge in the areas of chemical, biological, Actuarial and information technology sciences. Our programs are designed to ensure that graduates are equipped with practical and intellectual skills relevant to the needs of the society.

The Departments in this school include:
i) Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Sciences
ii) Department of Computer Science
iii) Department of Physical Sciences
iv) Department of Biological Sciences 

Programs offered:

– Masters in Information Science
– Masters in Biostatics
– Master of Science in Botany 
 (With specializations in: Plant Taxonomy, Plant Ecology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology or Mycology)
– Master of Science in Zoology 
 (With specializations in: Parasitology, Ecology, Physiology or Entomology)

– Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences
– Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
– Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
– Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
– Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing
– Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
– Bachelor of Science in Microbiology
– Bachelor of Science with Education
– Bachelor of Science (Bsc)

– Diploma in Information Technology
– Certificate in Information Technology
– Bridging courses in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Other Short Courses:
– Computer Skills for Top Managers
– Computer Skills for County and Public Administrators
– Computer Applications
– Data Communication and Networking
– Computer Hardware Maintenance & Support 
– Computer Graphic Design
– Computer Aided Design {AutoCAD}
– International Computer Driving License(ICDL)
– Accounting & Statistics Programs{QuickBooks}
– Statistical Data Analysis{SPSS}
– Linux Essentials
– Certified Fiber Optic Technician{CFOF}
– Linux Essentials
– Huawei Certified Datacom Associate
– Cisco Networking Academy

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