Egerton University Courses / Programmes Offered

By | April 8, 2020

Egerton University Courses / Programmes Offered – There are several Courses offered at Egerton University. The list of courses are below.

Click Here for Online Application OR Enquiries for all diploma programmes should be made to The Registrar (Academic Affairs), Egerton University, P. O. Box 536-20115, EGERTON, Kenya. The closing date for receiving applications for the diploma programmes shall be as determined by the Senate from time to time.

A diploma is a document awarded by an educational institution (such as a college or university) testifying the recipient has graduated by successfully completing their courses of studies. Historically, it has also referred to a charter or official document of diplomacy.


Diploma in Agricultural Education & Extension

Diploma in Animal Health

Diploma in Animal Science and Technology

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Dairy Technology

Diploma in Dryland Resources Management

Diploma in Eco-tourism and Hospitality Management

Diploma in Education (Arts)

Diploma in Education (Primary)

Diploma in Farm Resource Management

Diploma in Gender, Women and Development Studies

Diploma in Horticulture

Diploma in Human Resources Management

Diploma in Library and Information Science

Diploma in Military Science

Diploma in Modern Chemistry Laboratory Technology

Diploma in Procurement and Supplies Management

B. Sc in Agriculture

B. Sc. in Animal Sciences

B. Sc. in Natural Resources Management

B. Sc. in Water and Environmental Engineering

B. Sc. in Wildlife Enterprise and Management

B.A. in Communication & Media

B.A. in Economics & Sociology

B.A. in Economics and History

B.A. in English and Communication

B.A. in Gender, Women and Development Studies

B.A. in History

B.A. in History and International Studies

B.A. in Kiswahili and Communication

B.A. in Peace Education

B.A. in Sociology and Religious Studies

B.Ed. (Arts)

B.Ed. (Early Childhood Development & Education)

B.Ed. (Primary)

B.Ed. (Science)

B.Sc. in Software Engineering

B.Sc. (Agricultural Education and Extension)

B.Sc. (Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design)

B.Sc. (Community Development)

B.Sc. in Actuarial Science

B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics

B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering

B.Sc. in Agriculture

B.Sc. in Animal Health Management

B.Sc. in Applied Aquatic Sciences

B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science

B.Sc. in Biochemistry

B.Sc. in Biomedical Science and Technology

B.Sc. in Computer Science

B.Sc. in Criminology and Security Studies

B.Sc. in Dairy Technology and Management

B.Sc. in Dryland Resources Management

B.Sc. in Economics and Statistics

B.Sc. in Ecotourism and Hospitality management

B.Sc. in Environmental Science

B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology

B.Sc. in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc. in Geography

B.Sc. in Horticulture

B.Sc. in Instrumentation and Control Engineering

B.Sc. in Integrated Forest Resources Management

B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

B.Sc. in Nursing

B.Sc. in Soil Environment and Land Use Management

B.Sc. in Statistics

Bachelor of Agribusiness Management

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Business Information and Management

Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Management

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Cooperative Management

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Bachelor of Industrial Technology

Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Library and Information Studies

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Military Science

Bachelor of Psychology

Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

BSc. (Agriculture and Human Ecology Extension)

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Social Sciences Research Methods

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental and Sustainable Development

Postgraduate Diploma in Gender, Poverty and Development

Postgraduate Diploma in Probation Practice and Correctional Studies

Joint Degree Master Programme in Limnology and Wetland Management

M. A. in Urban Management

M. Sc. in Soil Sciences

M.A. in Gender, Women and Development Studies

M.A. (Guidance and Counseling)

M.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice

M.A. in Applied Linguistics

M.A. in Economics

M.A. in English Language and Linguistics

M.A. in History

M.A. in Kiswahili

M.A. in Literature

M.A. in Sociology

M.A. Security Management

M.A./M.Sc. in Geography

M.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction)

M.Ed. (Educational Foundations)

M.Ed. (Educational Management)

M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling)

M.Ed. (Science Education)

M.Sc. in Animal Breeding and Genetics

M.Sc. (Agricultural Education)

M.Sc. (Agricultural Extension)

M.Sc. (Community Studies and Extension)

M.Sc. in Agribusiness Management

M.Sc. in Agricultural and Applied Economics

M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics

M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering

M.Sc. in Agricultural Information and Communication Management

M.Sc. in Agronomy

M.Sc. in Animal Nutrition

M.Sc. in Animal Physiology

M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics

M.Sc. in Biochemistry

M.Sc. in Chemistry

M.Sc. in Crop Protection

M.Sc. in Dryland Agro-Pastoral Systems

M.Sc. in Dryland Farming

M.Sc. in Dryland Integrated Land Management Systems

M.Sc. in Dryland Resources Management

M.Sc. in Engineering Systems and Management

M.Sc. in Environmental and Occupational Health

M.Sc. in Environmental Science

M.Sc. in Food Science

M.Sc. in Horticulture

M.Sc. in Limnology

M.Sc. in Livestock Production Systems

M.Sc. in Medical Parasitology

M.Sc. in Natural Resources and Peace

M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management

M.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences

M.Sc. in Physics

M.Sc. in Plant Biotechnology

M.Sc. in Plant Breeding

M.Sc. in Plant Pathology

M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics

M.Sc. in Soil and Water Engineering

M.Sc. in Statistics

M.Sc. in Water Resources and Environmental Management

Master of Business Administration

Master of Human Resource Management

Master of information Science

Master of Information Systems

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

Master of Knowledge Management

Master of Research and Public Policy

Masters in Measurement and Evaluation

Masters of Agricultural Engineering

Nursing Diploma – Kenya Registered Community Health (In-service)

Ph.D. (Agricultural and Rural Innovation)

Ph.D. (Agricultural Education)

Ph.D. (Agricultural Extension)

Ph.D. (Community Studies and Extension)

Ph.D. (Counseling Psychology)

Ph.D. (Curriculum and Instruction)

Ph.D. (Educational Foundations)

Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Ph.D. (Educational Psychology)

Ph.D. (Guidance and Counseling)

Ph.D. (Mathematics Education)

Ph.D. (Science Education)

Ph.D. in Agribusiness Management

Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics

Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering

Ph.D. in Agronomy

Ph.D. in Animal Science

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Ph.D. in Biochemistry

Ph.D. in Business and Management (Course Work Option)

Ph.D. in Business and Management (Research Option)

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Ph.D. in Crop Protection

Ph.D. in Dryland Agriculture and Resource Management

Ph.D. in Economics

Ph.D. in English Language and Linguistics

Ph.D. in Environmental and Occupational Health

Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Ph.D. in Food Science

Ph.D. in Geography

Ph.D. in History

Ph.D. in Horticulture

Ph.D. in Kiswahili

Ph.D. in Limnology

Ph.D. in Literature

Ph.D. in Medical Parasitology

Ph.D. in Natural Resources Management

Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences

Ph.D. in Physics

Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology

Ph.D. in Plant Breeding

Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics

Ph.D. in Religious Studies

Ph.D. in Sociology

Ph.D. in Soil Science

Ph.D. in Statistics

Ph.D. in Urban Management

PhD in Gender, Women and Development Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Dryland Resources Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources and Peace

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