Increasing Number of Students Apply for University Loans and Scholarships

By | October 6, 2023

269,112 Students Apply for University Loans and Scholarships.

According to Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machagu, a total of 238.714 applications for scholarships and financing for higher education have been received to date.

According to Machogu, this indicates that 3,608 students placed in universities through the KUCCPS have yet to register, in addition to 26,790 students placed in TVETs.

Anticipated enrollment figures indicate that at least 269,112 students will join universities, while approximately 238,714 will enrol in TVETs.

During a press conference on Thursday, Machogu indicated that the number is expected to increase as the KUCPPS validates the data of students who are transferring to different degree programs or universities.

The application deadline will close on October 7.

Machogu also issued instructions to institutions to admit and retain students who have reported “even in cases where they do not have fees.”

Machogu reported that 121,367 students, equivalent to 86.6 per cent of the total 140,147 students, have enrolled in universities that have initiated academic activities for the 2023–24 academic year.

He further explained that admissions to TVET institutions are ongoing.

On October 4, the CS announced that they had disbursed Sh10.5 billion out of the allocated Sh51.1 billion for continuing students under the previous funding paradigm.

This will cover tuition and living expenses for 206,123 undergraduate and graduate students.

Each eligible university student receives a minimum of Sh37,000 and a maximum of Sh60,000 in loans.

He stated that they award an average of Sh40,000 per year to each successful TVET trainee.

In September, Machogu highlighted the release of Sh8.4 billion as a capitation for students in public universities and Sh441 million for continuing students in private universities.

In contrast, they distributed a total of Sh1.3 billion as capitation to continuing enrollees in various TVETs.