Functions of the Commission for University Education Kenya

By | April 18, 2023


The functions of the Commission for University Education as outlined in section 5 (1) of the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012 are to:

  1.   Promote the objectives of university education;
  2.  Advise the cabinet secretary on policy relating to university education;
  3.  Promote, advance, publicize and set standards relevant to the quality of university education, including the promotion and support of internationally recognized standards;
  4.  Monitor and evaluate the state of university education systems in relation to the national development goals;
  5.  License any student recruitment agencies operating in Kenya and any activities by foreign institutions;
  6.   Develop a policy for criteria and requirements for admission to universities;
  7.   Recognize and equate degrees, diplomas and certificates conferred or awarded by foreign universities and institutions in accordance with the standards and guidelines set by the commission from time to time;
  8.   Undertake or cause to be undertaken, regular inspections, monitoring and evaluation of universities to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Act or any regulations made under section 70;
  9.   On regular basis, inspect universities in Kenya;
  10. Approve universities in Kenya;
  11. Regulate university education in Kenya;
  12. Approve and inspect university programmes in Kenya;
  13. Promote quality research and innovation

Authority of the Commission

The Commission shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and capable, in its corporate name, of:

  1. suing and being sued;
  2. taking, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring, holding, charging and disposing of movable and immovable property, and
  3. doing or performing all such other things or acts necessary for the proper performance of its functions under this Act as may lawfully be done or performed by a body corporate.