FEASSSA Games in Huye Rwanda Fixtures and Results

By | August 18, 2023

2023 FEASSSA Games in Huye Rwanda – Latest News, Fixtures and Results

2023 FEASSSA Games in Huye, Rwanda.

Summary of the deliberations at the Technical Meeting held on Friday, August 18th, 2023.

The following officers attended.

1. National Team Managers
2. Team Manager
3. Coaches
4. Referees and umpires.
5. FEASSSA Excom
6. All the Organisers and Commissars
5. All Technical Officials

🎤 🎙️Summary of the FEASSSA President Sir Justus Mugisha’s Speech.

🛡️A free day has been set aside: Culture day and night

🛡️A symposium for government officials, FEASSSA and federations to share views and plan for future editions

🛡️Games now will be qualification games with top teams proceeding to the Africa Secondary Schools’ Games and ISF; as was the case in 2022.

👏FEASSSA embracing ICT: Online registration for teams rolled out

🛡️Republic of SS and Burundi missing in this edition due to some challenges in their home countries.

🎤 🎙️FEASSSA SG- Sir David Ngugi’s Address.

🛡️Fighting in and out of the fields of play is highly prohibited. Discipline encouraged.

🛡️Teams must shake hands after matches as a sign of Sportsmanship.

🛡️Each team is to be provided with 2 branded playing kits.

🛡️Referees are urged to uphold high levels of integrity and fairness. All referees are to have a pre-championship meeting at 7.30 am before the matches kick off. Appointments for refs will be done at such times.

🛡️Inspections of the teams at 8.30 am. Games to kick off at exactly 9.00 am. Teams reporting late for matches will pay a fine of $100 dollars. Any team failing to take to the field of play will be penalized via forfeiture.

🛡️Appeals are to be done within 30 minutes after the game and must go through the executive member of the Country’s association. The appeal Fee is $200 dollars.

🛡️Coaches are urged to respect the referees. The Referees’decisions shall be final.

2023 FEASSSA in Huye, Rwanda

🏟️ Host: Huye City in Rwanda.
🗓️ Action Dates: 17th to 27th August, 2023.

List of Commissars.

⚽Soccer: Chris Mugisha (Uganda).

🏀Basketball: Muiga Njuguna (Kenya)

🏐Volleyball: Heron (Rwanda).

Netball: Beatrice Mafabi (Uganda).

Hockey: Shija (Tanzania)

🏈Rugby: Twahir Haji

🤾‍♀️🤾‍♂️Handball: Bithola Francis (Uganda)

🏸Badminton George Opunga (Kenya)

🏓Table Tennis: Regina

🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️Swimming: Omondi Otieno (Ke)

🏏Lawn Tennis:

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️Athletics: Kariuki Gekonyo (Kenya).