CS Magoha yet to announce final reopening dates for Schools, Colleges and Universities

By | July 28, 2020

Kenyans will, SOON, have the final details on when schools are expected to reopen. During the 10th state of the nation address on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta said Education Minister CS George Magoha will be releasing exact details on reopening of schools, universities and colleges.

The President directed CS Magoha to convene a Stake holders’ meeting so that to come up with final recommendations.

“The Ministry (of Education) will then communicate to parents and students on a way forward in regards to their studies,” said President Uhuru.

The President at the same time directed that all government institutions should be availed, unconditionally, to the Ministry of Health for isolation and quarantine purposes.

“That any Government Institutions including all sporting facilities, stadia and educational institutions and other Government facilities, upon designation by the Cabinet Secretary for Health as a public health facility, shall be availed to the Ministry of Health for Isolation and Quarantine purposes,” he directed.

CS Magoha had earlier announced that all primary and secondary schools would reopen in January next year, when the covid 19 infection curve would have flattened.

CS Magoha had announced the the 2020 academic year will be considered lost and learners will have to repeat their current classes next year.


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Plans of reopening universities and Colleges in September this year may also face serious setbacks after several institutions, so far, failed to meet the minimum requirements for compliance with health guidelines on covid-19.

A top level management team from the Ministry, led by CS George Magoha, has been traversing the country to assess preparedness of the institutions; ahead of the planned reopening.

The high daily infection rates may also thwart any reopening plans for the higher learning institutions in September.

University of Nairobi has since shelved any plans of reopening in September. The University Vice Chancellor Professor Kiama Gitahi has ruled out any form of on-campus learning this year saying the Senate has reached the decision to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

“University of Nairobi is at the epicentre of COVID-19. We are responsible people to observe how the situation is unfolding and only allow learning when we are advised by experts to do so,” said the VC.

The university’s decision has informed by the high rate of infections and mortality within members of the staff.

“By Saturday we had 21 cases of positive staff and they are increasing… we’ve lost others and its a fact. UoN has over 65,000 students who live in all parts of Nairobi. You cannot tell us that putting sanitizer in the hostels will help. Until we are advised by experts. We do not think will reopen anytime soon,” Prof Kiama added.

The Ministry of education has at the same time come up with tough regulations that will be followed when schools reopen. The new measures demand for complete social distance in dormitories, classrooms, libraries and at water points.