Apply for Internship at CEMA-Africa

By | February 28, 2024

Apply for Internship at CEMA-Africa

Position: Intern (6 Positions)
• Software Engineering Track – 2 Positions
• Computer Engineering Track (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) – 2 Positions
• Communications Track – 2 Positions
Duration: 6 months (non-renewable)
Reporting To: CEMA Data Scientist

Expected Start Date: Apr 1, 2024

Duty Station: Center for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis, University of Nairobi 

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on Global Health? Have you completed your undergraduate training in either Software Engineering, Computer Science, Journalism, Communication,
or a related field? Look no further! The Center for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (CEMA) at the University of Nairobi is offering an exceptional opportunity to join our team as a CEMA Intern.

About CEMA

CEMA is a multidisciplinary Center of Excellence that uses data-driven approaches to guide the control of infectious diseases and improve public health in Kenya and the African continent. Established in 2020, CEMA boasts a collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment, attracting experts from various fields of study. 

Through insights from applied epidemiological modeling and analytics, CEMA has played a critical role in guiding responses to COVID-19 in Kenya and the continent, catalyzing the control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases, and guiding the delivery and maintenance of essential health services during health emergencies.

CEMA provides training in quantitative skills required to manage and analyze health data to address priority public health questions in the region.

The Position Description

As a CEMA Intern, you will play a pivotal role in supporting our ongoing research and data-driven initiatives.

You will work closely with our team of Scientists, Mathematicians, And Epidemiologists, to contribute to the work CEMA does in developing and implementing innovative modelling techniques to better understand disease dynamics, forecast outbreaks, and evaluate intervention strategies.


The CEMA Interns will be involved in different activities based on their chosen track:

i. Software Engineering Track: 

Interns will assist the CEMA team to build efficient systems for collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing healthcare data to extract meaningful insights; developsoftware for health analytics to support research, quality improvement, and evidence-based decision-making; integrate healthcare systems and ensure interoperability between different software platforms; collaborate with other healthcare organizations to establish seamless data exchange and communication.

ii. Computer Engineering Track:

 Interns in this track will focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The interns will help develop algorithms and data analysis tools to process and integrate diverse datasets; create systems that can efficiently handle and analyze large volumes of healthcare data and extract meaningful insights; implement machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics enabling researchers to identify patterns, predict outcomes, and understand the risk factors associated with various medical conditions; utilise natural language processing algorithms to extract information from unstructured/novel data sources and other textual data sources.

iii. Communications Track:

 Interns will work closely with the CEMA team to develop content for the website, social media, newsletters, media, impact reports, and additional publications; develop and write copy for media and collateral materials for organizational communications activities, including human interest stories, press releases, media pitches, op-eds, press statements, blogs, social media posts, and media kits; provide communication science technical assistance to CEMAAfrica colleagues; collaborate closely with CEMA researchers and data scientists on various communication projects and activities, including fieldwork; create content for internal and external newsletters, human interest stories, post research announcements, presentations, or social intranet platforms; produce short videos for training or showcases; support the collection of content on research and program progress; communicate clearly about the program/area of work.

Requirements for the Software Engineering Track:

• Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a related field
• Evidence of interest/outputs in the field of health
Requirements for computer engineering track:
• Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a related field
• Evidence of interest/outputs in the field of health

Requirements for communications track:

• Bachelor’s degree in journalism or health communications related to the technical work of CEMA or
in a management, administrative, communications, or external relations-related field
• Strong interest in health and science communication (samples of articles should be provided as part
of the application)
• Excellent written and spoken English and the ability to communicate scientific material clearly in both
written and oral form for various audiences
• Basic photography skills
• Multimedia and broadcast skills will be an added advantage

Terms of Appointment:

This is a position whose tenure is a six (6) months contract, non-renewable. The interns will be offered a stipend of KES 50,000 per month.
Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are encouraged to fill out the application form on this link.
Only online applications will be accepted.

Application Deadline: Mar 4, 2024 (Candidates will be selected through a two-stage process).