2019 / 2020 Kenya Prisons Service Application Form

By | February 28, 2019

2019 / 2020 Kenya Prisons Service Application Form

The prisons system was introduced in Kenya by the British East Africa protectorate with the enactment of East Africa Prisons Regulations in April, 1902. At independence, the reforms in the penal system were strengthened with the enactment of chapters 90 and 92 to establish the Kenya Prisons, and Act (Cap 90) has since been reviewed, the last being 1977. The Borstal Act (cap 92) has also been reviewed, the last being in 1967.

Kenya Prisons Service Application Form 2019 / 2020 is Out. All Interested citizens of Kenya can Apply for Kenya Prisons Service by filling the Application form for 2019/ 2020.

The Management of Kenya Prisons Service has released the Application Forms for 2019 / 2020 Recruitment. The Recruitment portal for applicants is open.

By undergoing the professional training, technicians and artisans will be expected to undertake a Self-Sponsored Certificate or Diploma course in Security and Correctional Science while cadet officers will undertake a Post-Graduate diploma in Security and Correctional Science offered by Kenyatta University at a cost to be determined by the university.

Kenya Prisons Service Application Form 2019 / 2020

Kenya Prisons Application Requirements (Minimum)

Stated below are the general requirements for those who seek to apply for the Kenya Prison Service recruitment.


Potential candidates should possess the subsequent qualifications;

  • You have to possess the Kenya Certificate Education (KCSE) with at least grade of D+ and higher than or equivalent qualification from a recognized school.
  • Be between the ages of eighteen – twenty eight years for high school leavers;
  • Must be a Kenyan citizen;
  • Be a minimum of  5”4 feet tall for men and 5”2 feet tall for women;
  • Be physically and medically fit;
  • Must have a sensible hearing and clear vision;
  • Have no criminal record;
  • Female candidates should not be pregnant at the time of accomplishment and through coaching.
  • Prospective candidates should carry their original identification card, certification, KRA PIN certificate, educational certificates and different testimonials on the day of accomplishment.
  • On accomplishment, candidates can bear associate intensive Government sponsored paramilitary initial coaching course (professional) lasting not but 9 (9) months.
  • In addition, whereas undergoing the skilled coaching, recruits are expected to undertake a Self-Sponsored Certificate in Security and Correctional Science offered by Kenyatta University at an amount to be determined by the university.
  • The recruitment procedures are free of charge
  • Bribery and different acts of corruption have always been tagged illegal

Any person presenting themselves for accomplishment with falsified or questionable educational certificates, identity cards or participating in any acts that result into corruption shall be apprehended by the authorities and duly prosecuted to face the full wrath of the law.

Kenya Prisons Service Application Form 2019 / 2020 Academic / Technical Qualifications

Technicians: Candidates should possess a relevant certificate /diploma from a recognized establishment and be registered with the relevant bodies wherever applicable;

Artisans: Candidates should possess a minimum mean grade of D+ at KCSE or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution;

a. Certificate in Government Trade take a look at Grade III/II/I from a recognized institution; or

b. Certificate in Craft or its equivalent qualification from a recognized establishment.

In addition, candidates or application are required to possess at least 2 years of work experience to qualify. This is compulsory.

Kenya Prisons Job Vacancies Available 2019 / 2020

A) Technicians

  1. Clinical Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  2. Nursing Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  3. Public Health Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  4. Radiographers III/II/I (PG 3)
  5. Pharmaceutical Technologists III/II/I (PG 3)
  6. Community Oral Health Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  7. Health Records Officers III/II/I (PG 3)
  8. Laboratory Technologists III (PG 3)
  9. Nutritionists III/II (PG 3)
  10. Animal Health Officers (PG 3)
  11. Information-Communication Technology Officers III (PG 3)
  12. Housekeepers/Caterers II (PG 3)
  13. Instructors III (example Negotiators, Disaster Management) (PG 3)
  14. P1 Tutors (PG 2)
  15. Early-Childhood Development Officers (PG 1)
  16. Cooks (PG 1)
  17. Bands Men (PG 1)

B) Artisans

  1. Masonry or Brick birthing (PG 1/2/3)
  2. Construction or craft & Joinery (PG1/2/3 )
  3. Tailoring, Dress creating, Fashion &Designing (PG1/2/3)
  4. Fitter General (PG 1/2/3)
  5. Architects Assistants (PG1/2/3)
  6. Metal employees (PG 1/2/3)
  7. Wood/Stone carvers (PG 1/2/3)
  8. Leather Works (PG 1/2/3)
  9. Electrical Assistants (PG1/2/3)
  10. Painting & sign writers (PG1/2/3)
  11. Plant Technicians (PG 1/2/3)
  12. Plumbers/Water offer Operators (PG 1/2/3)
  13. Draughtsman (PG 1/2/3)
  14. Videographers (PG 1/2/3)
  15. Hair and Beauty Therapist (PG 1/2/3)
  16. Welding and fabrication (PG 1/2)

Kenya Prisons Recruitment Date

Kenya Prisons accomplishment Date 2018 has not been declared open by the Kenya Prisons Service.  Therefore, you’re to disregard any alleged accomplishment date by any website for currently.

We are able to assure you that the 2018 accomplishment Date are discharged shortly. Therefore keep checking this page for we have a tendency to shall update any time the African country Prisons accomplishment date for 2018/2019 is discharged by the suitable authority.

Kenya Prisons Service Application Form 2019 / 2020 Recruitment Portal

The Kenya Prisons Service recruitment portal is currently yet to be open and there presently seems to be an issue with the portal.

To ascertain if the Kenya Prisons Service accomplishment 2018/2019 has formally begun, reach intent on the official Kenya Prisons Portal web site @ http://www.prisons.go.ke OR check this page often times as update shall be created anytime the shape is out.

Presently, the information we have about the Kenya Prison Service recruitment for this year is little, as the authorities haven’t said much about the recruitment process for this year. Once the recruitment process is open, we will sure keep you informed about it. Everything we would be updating you with would come from the official Kenya Prisons Service website which would include application information, link to the application portal and guide on how to go about the application process.

All Prospective candidates for the publicised posts ought to transfer and fill the PSC two type (2007 revised) on https://publicservice.go.ke  and fix clear photocopies of relevant academic/ professional certificates and their National Identification Card (ID), and be self-addressed to:

The Commissioner General of Prisons

Prisons Headquarters

P.O.Box 30175-00100