St. Paul’s University Entry Requirement

St. Paul’s University Entry Requirement

The Doctor of Philosophy in Theology course provides advanced studies in the main disciplines of theology, including biblical studies (Old Testament and New Testament), history, systematic theology, and Christian Mission. The programme will be delivered in a combination of taught courses and independent research. In the first year, all the students will be required to study eight compulsory foundational units.

After the successful completion of the foundational units, the student has the option to pursue any one of the four major areas of specialization, that is: Systematic Theology; History of Christianity; Christian Missions; or Biblical Studies (majoring in either Old or New Testament). The course takes a minimum of three years. The first year is allocated for class work during which course work is covered and the second and third years are reserved for research and thesis writing.


Biblical Studies

Christian Mission

History of Christianity

Systematic Theology

Pastoral counseling

Goal of the programme

The aim of the PhD programme is to prepare graduates in Theology for global Christian service in service to God and humanity. The programme also seeks to develop servant leaders by imparting advanced knowledge, skills and values through creative methods of teaching, research and spiritual formation.

Mode of delivery

The programme is offered on a fulltime and a part time basis.

Admission requirements

Academic requirements

To be eligible for the admission, a candidate must satisfy the following academic qualifications:

1. Hold a Masters degree from a chartered University or an accredited university. These include MTh, MA Religious Studies, MA in Theological Studies, Masters in Mission Studies or any other relevant qualification.

2. Have two reference letters, from the previous graduate School, and pastoral letter from a religious leader.

3. Candidates from non-English speaking countries shall demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English.

4. Show promise future usefulness to church and society.

5. Demonstrate ability to handle doctoral work in English.

Administrative requirements

1. Two sealed official transcripts of all academic certificates awarded.

2. Assurance of adequate financial resources from the candidate, their sponsor, employer or superiors.

3. All candidates are interviewed by at least two members of Faculty Doctoral Committee who shall recommend to the Academic registrar for appropriate action.

4. Candidates will submit applications for admission to the University through:
The Academic Registrar, St. Paul’s University,
P.O. Box Private Bag,
00217 Limuru,
or send an email via

The great challenge facing business educators today is one of preparing current and future employees who are visionary, principled and results-oriented. This program seeks to do exactly that.

The program moves away from the conventional focus of producing graduates who primarily focus on quantitative analysis, accounting and finance, marketing and economics to a more revolutionary focus where graduates will be prepared for executive positions, management of corporate divisions, creating start-ups as entrepreneurs or even leading charitable organizations.

Program Objective

The purpose of this program is to develop positive, goal-oriented business leaders and managers and practitioners who thoroughly understand modern business principles and practices and who apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace in ways that demonstrate commitment to practical and intellectually-based strategic business leadership practice.

This program will also help the graduates to have better preparation in critical thinking and communication skills.

Strategic Management


Human Resource Management

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Entrepreneurship, Finance

Management Information Systems

Strategic Leadership

Project Management

Admission Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree with at least an upper Second class honors; or
A Bachelor’s degree with a lower Second Class Honors and two years work experience in a related field, or
A Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on 4.0 scale (B+) or the equivalent, from an accredited University.


Two (2) years (4 Semesters).

The Program is broad, based with a strong emphasis on small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development. It aims at preparing men and women who will be self reliant with skills and managerial capacity to mobilize resources for Development especially in the rural areas where the majority of Kenyans live.

Program Objective

The program is expected to play its rightful role in nurturing graduates who will contribute to the development of the Kenyan nation and its institutions.




Business Administration


Human Resource Management

Management Science


Purchasing & Supplies Management

Minimum Requirements for Admission:

KCSE mean Grade of C+ (plus) and above or its equivalent ,Or
High School Certificate / A levels with a minimum of two principal passes or its equivalent, Or
Diploma holders in related areas with at least a Credit Pass.

Modes of study:

Full time (Regular)
Parallel (Evening)

This course is designed to give students an insight into books of both the Old and New Testaments with regard to the perception of their authors, the messages relayed and their relevance to the African set up today. The new testament introduces students to the Intertestamental period and the historical, political, social and religious background at the time of Christ.

In addition, students are acquainted with the birth and growth of the church, the world’s living religions and the context of Christianity in Africa.

This course has been designed to provide fundamental understanding of certificate in communication principles, serving as a bridging facility to subsequent Communication related diploma courses. It therefore covers most fundamental aspects of certificate in communication.

The objectives of the Certificate in certificate in communication are to:
• Prepare student for progression to diploma in Communication courses
• Equip students with basic Communication skills useful in the Communication s day to day activities.

Admission requirements
• Have scored a minimum grade of D+(plus ) in KCSE and above

6 months
Course schedule 
Semester 1