Solar Panels Prices In Kenya

Solar Panels Prices In Kenya

Here are Solar Panels Prices In Kenya

Solar Panel TypeSolar Panel Price
1,000W solar panel90,000 shillings
500w solar panel50,000 shillings
335w solar panel40,000 shillings
300W solar panel36,500 shillings
250W solar panel26,500 shillings
100W solar panel16,000 shillings
200W solar panel30,500 shillings
1,200W solar panel95,000 shillings

You can get solar panels on credit at M-Kopa for deposits of around 3,000 shillings and flexible monthly payment deposits of up to 600 days.

How to buy A Good Solar Panel

The efficiency of conversation – The efficiency of a solar panel is the amount of power it can produce compared to the amount of solar energy it’s exposed to. For instance, if solar generates power that is half of the solar energy it gets, then the efficiency is 50%. Usually, a quality solar panel should have an average of 19% efficiency.

Price in relation to power generation – A Good Solar panel should generate energy equal to its price. The best way to gauge this is by checking the watts in relation to the price. For every 200 shillings, you should get a single watt of energy.

Guarantee – A quality solar panel should have an extended guarantee period.

This assures you that the manufacturer trusts the quality of their solar panels and also covers you in case of any issues or dysfunctionalities that might occur within the guarantee period.

How much is the biggest solar panel in Kenya?

Ksh 25,600