Sirisia Youth Polytechnic

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  • Bachelor of Education in Computer Science and Mathematics(Computer Science and Mathematics)
  •  Bachelor of Education in Business and Mathematics(Business and Mathematics)
  •  Bachelor of Education in Business and French( Business and French)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication(Technical and Professional Communication)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Transformation(Peace and Conflict Transformation)
  •  Bachelor of Security Management and Police Studies(Security Management and Police Studies)
  •  Bachelor of Education Early Childhood and Primary Education (ECPE)(ECPE)
  •  Bachelor of Practical Theology(Practical Theology)
  •  Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion & Sports Science(Health Promotion & Sports Science)
  • Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision Sciences(Optometry and Vision Sciences)
  •  Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice(Community Health Practice)
  • Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics (Geoinformatics )
  • Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counselling (Guidance and Counselling )
  • Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education(Music Education)
  • Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy (Physical Therapy )
  • Bachelor of Science in Population Health(Population Health)
  • Bachelor of Education,Agricultural Education(Agricultural Education)
  • Bachelor of Education Science,Biology and Agriculture(Biology and Agriculture)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural health(Agricultural Health)
  • Bachelor of translation studies(Translation Studies)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Aviation Management(Aviation Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in International Business Management(International Business Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Strategic Management(Strategic Management)
  • Bachelor of Education in Business Education(Business Education)
  • Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development(Family and Child Development)
  • Bachelor of Enterprise Management (Enterprise Management )
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Horticulture Science(Applied Horticulture Science)
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Engineering(Medical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Chemical Dependency and Addiction Counselling.(Chemical Dependency)
  • Bachelor of Science in Records Management and Information Technology(Records Management)
  • Certificate in Biointensive Agriculture(BIA)
  • Diploma in Biointensive Agriculture(BIA)
  • Certificate in Pension Audit and Accounting(Pension Audit and Accounting)
  • Certificate In Custody of Pension Assets(Custody of Pension Assets)
  • Certificate in Pension Fund Investments(Pension Fund Investments)
  • Trust Secretary Certificate()
  • Certificate in Pension Administration(CPAD)
  • Certified Pension Manager(CPM)
  • Diploma in Clerical Operations(Clerical Operations)
  • Certificate in Videography(Videography)
  • Certificate in Human Sexuality and Sexual Abuse(Human Sexuality and Sexual Abuse)
  • Certificate in Career and Vocational Counseling(Career and Vocational Counseling)
  • Certificate in Social Marketing Skills(Social Marketing Skills)
  • Certificate in Basic Financial Accounting Skills(Basic Financial Accounting Skills)
  • Certificate in Front Office Operations Skills(Front Office Operations Skills)
  • Certificate in Public Relations Skills(Public Relations Skills)
  • Certificate in Management Organization Skills(Management Organization Skills)
  • Certificate in Business Communication Skills(Business Communication Skills)
  • Certificate in Management Information System Skills(Management Information System Skills)
  • Certificate in Drug and Substance Abuse or Addiction(Drug and Substance Abuse or Addiction)
  • Certificate in Gender Empowerment and Development(Gender Empowerment and Development)
  • Certificate in HIV/AIDS Home Based Care(HIV/AIDS Home Based Care)
  • Certificate in Life Skills(Life Skills)
  • Certificate in Humanitarian Management(Humanitarian Management)
  • Certificate in Conflict Response and Management Skills(Conflict Response and Management Skills)
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics Skills(Nutrition and Dietetics Skills)
  • Certificate in Social Marketing and Welfare Skills(Social Marketing and Welfare Skills)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship Skills(Entrepreneurship Skills)
  • Certificate in Supervisory Skills(Supervisory Skills)
  • Advanced Diploma Journalism and Media Studies(Journalism and Media Studies)
  • Certificate in Journalism (Journalism )
  • Diploma in HIV Management(HIV Management)
  • Diploma in HIV Testing and Counseling(HIV Testing and Counseling)
  • Certificate in Supervision Management(Supervision Management)
  • Diploma in Cargo Handling(Cargo Handling )
  • Diploma in Tour Operations(Tour Operations)
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Production and Services(Food and Beverage Production and Services)
  • Certificate in Catering and Accommodation Management(Catering and Accommodation Management)
  • Diploma in Maritime Transport Logistics(Maritime Transport Logistics)
  • Diploma in Aviation Security(Aviation Security)
  • Diploma in Tour Guiding(Tour Guiding)
  • Certificate in Financial Accounting Applications(Financial Accounting Applications)
  • Certificate in Statistical Packages(Statistical Packages)
  • Certificate in Computerized Animation(Computerized Animation)
  • Certificate in Fingerprint Technology(Fingerprint Technology)
  • Certificate in Intelligence(Intelligence)
  • Diploma in Wildlife Forensics(Wildlife Forensics)
  • Diploma in Forensic Science(Forensic Science)
  • Diploma in Penology(Penology)
  • Diploma in Forensic Psychology and Criminology(Forensic Psychology and Criminology)
  • Diploma in Criminal Justice Administration and Management(Criminal Justice Administration and Management)
  • Diploma in Psychology and Criminology(Psychology and Criminology)
  • Diploma in Terrorism and Counter Terrorism(Terrorism and Counter Terrorism)
  • Diploma in Risk Management(Risk Management)
  • Diploma in Marine and Port Security(Marine and Port Security)
  • Diploma in VIP Protection(VIP Protection)
  • Diploma in Fingerprint and Biometric Technology(Fingerprint and Biometric Technology)

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