Kenyatta University Courses Offered

Kenyatta University Courses Offered – There are several Courses offered at Kenyatta University. The list of courses are below.

Undergraduates Courses

Accounting, B.Com.

Actuarial Sciences, B.Com.

Actuarial Science, B. Sc.

Agriculture Health, B.Sc.

Agribusiness Management B.Sc.

Agriculture (Animal Science Option), B.Sc.

Agriculture (Crop Science Option), B.Sc.

Agriculture Resources Management, B.Sc.

Analytical Chemistry with Management, B.Sc.

Animal Health and Production, B.Sc.

Agricultural Education and Extension, B.Sc.

Arts, Bachelor of

Art & Design, B.Ed.

Art & Design, B.A.

Architectural Studies B.A.S

Architecture B.Arch

Fashion Design & Marketing, B.Sc.

Film Technology, B.A.

Finance, B.Com.

Fine Arts, B.Ed.

Food & Beverage Management (Proposed), B.Sc.

Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics, B.Sc.

Forensic Science, B.Sc.

French, B.Ed.

French, B.A.

Geography, B.A.

German, B.Ed.

German, B.A.

Gender and Development B.A

Nursing and Public Health, B.Sc.

Pharmacy, Bachelor of

Philosophy, B.A.

Physical Education, B.Sc.

Physical Education, B.Ed

Planning & Management, B.Env

Population Health, B.Sc.

Psychology, B.A.

Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Bachelor of

Public policy and Administration, B.A.

Petroleum Engineering, B.Sc

Primary Teacher Education, B.Ed

Plant Science B.Sc.

Physics B. Sc.

Biochemistry, B.Sc.

Biology, B.Sc.

Biotechnology, B.Sc.

Biosystems & Agricultural B.Sc.


Biomedical Engineering, B. Sc

Biology B.Sc.

Health Records & Information Management, B.Sc.

Health Service management B.Sc.

History, Government & Acheology, B.A.

Home Economics, B.Ed.

Hospitality Management, Bsc.

Tourism Management, B.Sc.

Human Resource Manangement, B.Com.

Record Management & Information Technology, B.Sc

Records Management and Technology, B.Ed.

Resource Conservation, B.Env

Real Estate B.R.E

Restaurant Management (Proposed), B.Sc.

Rooms Division Management (Proposed), B.Sc.

Religious Studies, B.A.

Recreation and Sports Management, B.Sc

Catering & Institutions management (Proposed), B.Sc.

Civil Engineering, B.Sc.

Coastal & Marine Resources, B.Sc.

Commerce, Bachelor of

Community Development, B.Env.

Community Resource Management, B.Sc.

Community Health B.Sc.

Computer Engineering, B.Sc.

Computer Science, B.Sc.

Conservation Biology, B.Sc.

Counselling, B.A.

Counselling Psychology, B.A

Coastal & Marine Resources, B.Sc.

Crop Improvement and Protection, B.Sc.

Crop Protection, B.Sc

Culinary Arts (Proposed), B.A.

Construction Management B.C.M.

Industrial Chemistry with Management, B.Sc.

Information Technology, B.Sc.

International Teacher Education, B.Ed.

Japanese, B.A.

Kiswahili, B.A.

Science, Bachelor of

Science, B.Ed.

Sociology, B.A.

Software Engineering, B.Sc.

Special Needs Education, B.Ed.

Statistics & Programming, B.Sc.

Surgery, Bachelor of

Seurity Managment and Police Studies, Bachelor of

Spatial Planning B.S.P

Telecommunication & Information Technology, B.Sc.

Theatre Arts, B.A.

Theatre Arts & Film Technology, B.A.

Tourism Management, B.Sc.

Travel Administration (Proposed), B.Sc.

Dryland Agriculture & Enterprise Development, B.Sc.

Laws, Bachelor of

Leisure and Recreation Management, B.Sc.

Library & Information Science, Bachelor of

Library Science, B.Ed.

Literature, B.A.

Library Information Science, B.Sc

Early Childhood Education, B.Ed.

Economics, Bachelor of

Economics & Finance, Bachelor of

Economics & Statistics, Bachelor of

Ecotourism Management (Proposed), B.Sc.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, B.Sc.

Energy Engineering, B.Sc.

English & Linguistics, B.A.

Environmental Education, B.Sc.

Environmental Health, B.Sc.

Environmental Science, Bachelor of

Environmental Planing and Management, Bachelor of

Ethnomusicology, B.A

Exercise and Sports Science, B.Sc

Marketing, B.Com.

Mathematics and Computer Science, B. Sc

Marine Tourism (Proposed), B.Sc.

Management Science, B.Com.

Management Sciences, Bachelor of

Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, B.Sc

Medical Laboratory Science, B.Sc.

Medicine, Bachelor of

Meetings & Events Management (Development in progress), B.Sc.

Microbiology, B.Sc.

Molecular & Cell Biology, B.Sc.

Music, B.Ed.

Music, Bachelor of

Music Technology, B.Sc

Administration, Master of Education

African Music, M.A.

Agriculture, Master of Economics

Agroforestry and Rural Development, Master of Environmental Studies

Animal Ecology, M.Sc.

Animal Physiology, M.Sc.

Applied and Theoretical Physics, M.Sc.

Applied Linguistics, M.Sc.

Aquatic Ecology, M.Sc.

Fashion, Design and Marketing, M.Sc.

Finance, M.Sc.

Finance, Master of Economics

Fisheries Sciences, M.Sc.

Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics, M.Sc.

Foreign Trade, M.Sc.

French, Msc

Parasitology, M.Sc.

Performance, Master of Musical Arts

Planning and Management, Master of environmental Studies

Plant Pathology, M.Sc.

Policy and Management, Master of Economics

Public Health, M.Sc.

Physical Education, M.Sc.

Peace And Conflict Management, M.Sc.

Philosophy, Msc

Masters Programmes

Biochemistry, M.Sc.

Biotechnology, M.Sc.

Genetics, M.Sc.

Guidance and Counseling, Master of Education.

Gender And Development Studies, Msc

Geography, Msc

Special Education, Master of Education

Sport Management and Recreation, Msc

Sociology, Msc

Chemistry, M.Sc.

Community Development, Master of Environmental Studies

Community Resource Management, M.Sc.

Composition, Master of Music

Curriculum Development, Master of Education

Health, Master of Economics

Hospitality & Tourism, M.Sc.

Hospitality and Tourism Management, M.Sc.

Human Resource Management, M.Sc.

Vertebrate Pest, M.Sc.

Development, Master of Economics

Developmental Biology, M.Sc.

Diplomacy And International Relations, M.Sc.

Immunology, M.Sc.

Infectious Disease Diagnosis, M.Sc.

International Trade and Finance, Master of Economics

Early Childhood Studies, Master of Education

Ecology, M.Sc.

Econometrics, Master of Economics

Economics, Master of Economics

Education, Master of Music

Educational Research, Evaluation and Measurement, Master of Education

Educational Planning and Economics of Education, Master of Education

Educational Psychology, Master of Education

Entrepreneurship Development, M.Sc.

Environment, Master of Economics

Environmental Education, M.Sc.

Environmental Science, Master of

Ethnobotany, M.Sc.

Exercise and Sports Science, M.Sc.

English And Linguistics, M.Sc.

Kiswahili, M.Sc.

Library and Information Science, Master of Library Science, Master of Education

Literature, Master of Arts

Marketing Management, M.Sc.

Mathematics, M.Sc.


Medical Entomology, M.Sc.

Medical Laboratory, M.Sc.

Microbiology, M.Sc.

Musicology, Master of Music

P.H.D Programmes
Agribusiness Management, Ph.D
Agricultural Economics, Ph.D

Art and Design, Ph.D

African Music, Ethnomusicology or Musicology, Ph.D

History of Education, Ph.D

Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ph.D

Hydrology and Water Resources, Ph.D

Renewable/ Sustainable Energy Engineering, Ph.D

Business, Ph.D

Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Ph.D

Sociology, Ph.D

Sociology of Education, Ph.D

Special Needs Education, Ph.D

Sports Science, Ph.D

Community Resource Management, Ph.D

Community Resource Management, Ph.D

Leisure and Recreation Management, Ph.D

Literature, PhD

Theatre Arts and Film Technology, Ph.D

Tourism (Proposed), Ph.D

Tourism, Ph.D

Doctor of Musical Arts, Ph.D

Early Childhood Studies, Ph.D

Economics, Ph.D

Educational Management, Ph.D

Educational Psychology, Ph.D

Environmental Planning and Management Ph.D

Environmental Science, Ph.D

Environmental Studies, Ph.D

Medical Geography and Transport Geography, Ph.D

Music Education, Ph.D

Music Performance, Ph.D

Urban and Regional Planning, Ph.D

Fashion Design and Marketing, Ph.D

Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Ph.D

Philosophy of Education, Ph.D

Physical Education, Ph.D

Population Studies, Ph.D

Public Health, Ph.D

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