Kabete National Polytechnic Courses Offered

Kabete National Polytechnic Courses Offered

There are several Courses offered at Kabete National Polytechnic College. The list of courses are below.

Department of ICT

  • Diploma in ICT (Information Communication Technology)
  • Diploma In Computer Studies
  • Craft certificate in ICT

Short Market-Driven Courses

  • Certificate in computer Packages.
  • Certificate in web design & development
  • Certificate in mobile apps programming (PHP, C++, HTML).
  • Certificate in computer repair, maintenance, support, and networking
  • Certificate in computerized graphics design

Department of Business Studies:

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate In Business Management
  • Certificate In Human Resource
  • Certificate In Co-operative Management
  • Certificate In Sale And Marketing
  • Certificate In Supply Chain Management

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma In Banking & Finance
  • Diploma In Business Administration
  • Diploma In Business Management
  • Diploma In Computerized Secretarial
  • Diploma In Co-operative Management
  • Diploma In Sale And Marketing
  • Diploma In Supply Chain Management
  • Diploma In Marketing
  • Diploma In Human Resource
  • Diploma In Project Management
  • Diploma In Transport Management

Mechanical Engineering Department:

Modular certificate courses

  • Certificate in automotive engineering
  • Certificate In Mechanical Engineering
  • Certificate In Refrigeration
  • Certificate In Welding And Fabrication
  • Certificate Motor Vehicle Mechanics

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma In Automotive Engineering
  • Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (plant)
  • Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Other Courses

  • Driving course
  • Motor Vehicle Electrician- all grades
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics- all grades

Part-Time Programmes

  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • Motor vehicle mechanics grade 3
  • Motor vehicle electrician
  • Welding and Fabrication

Building & Civil Engineering Department:

  • Short Certificate Courses
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Certificate in AutoCAD and ArchiCAD
  • Certificate in building technology
  • Certificate in glazing and aluminum fitting

Short Modular Certificate Courses

  • Certificate In Masonry
  • Certificate In Plumbing

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma In Architecture
  • Diploma In Building
  • Diploma In Building Technology
  • Diploma In Civil Engineering
  • Diploma In Land Survey
  • Diploma In Quantity Survey
  • Diploma Quantitative Survey

Other Courses

  • Masonry grade 2
  • Masonry grade 3
  • Parallel in diploma building technology
  • Parallel in diploma in civil engineering
  • Part-time in painting and decoration
  • Plumbing grade 1
  • Plumbing grade 11
  • Plumbing grade 2
  • Plumbing grade 3

Department of Electrical And Electronics Studies:

Certificate Courses

  • Artisan in electrical and electronics
  • Certificate in electrical engineering
  • Certificate in electrical installation power
  • Certificate in solar PV installation
  • Electrical wireman Grade 1
  • Electrical Wireman Grade 2
  • Electrical Wireman Grade 3

Diploma courses

  • Diploma In Electronics Engineering
  • Diploma In Electrical Engineering (power)
  • Diploma In Telecommunication Engineering

Higher Diploma courses

  • Higher National Diploma In Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Other Programmes

  • Parallel Certificate in Electrical Engineering
  • Parallel Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Parallel Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
  • Radio & TV Repairs

Department of Applied Sciences:

Artisan Courses

  • Artisan certificate In Food And Beverage

Other Courses

  • Bridging certificate in math, biology, chemistry, and physics

Modular Certificate Courses

  • Certificate In Catering And Accommodation
  • Certificate In Food And Beverage
  • Certificate In Food Science and Processing
  • Certificate In Medical Laboratory
  • Certificate In Nutrition And Dietetics
  • Certificate In Oil And Gas Geophysical
  • Certificate In Science Laboratory

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
  • Diploma In Applied Biology
  • Diploma In Catering And Accommodation
  • Diploma In Food And Beverage
  • Diploma In Food Science & Processing
  • Diploma In Geophysical Technology
  • Diploma in Health Records & IT
  • Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Diploma In Medical Engineering
  • Diploma In Nutrition And Dietetics
  • Diploma In Oil & Gas Technology
  • Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Liberal Studies:

Artisan Certificate Courses

  • Artisan in hair and beauty

Regular Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in early child development
  • Certificate in hair and beauty
  • Certificate in librarian and information studies
  • Certificate in social work

Regular Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in ECD (early childhood development)
  • Diploma in hair & beauty
  • Diploma in librarian & information studies
  • Diploma In Social Work & Community development

Mathematics Department:

  • Diploma in Architecture

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