Kabete National Polytechnic Courses Offered

Kabete National Polytechnic Courses Offered

Currently the department offers the following teaching programs to the trainees.

Diploma Information Communication Technology

Craft certificate  in Information communications Technology

Certificate in computer Application Packages.

Certificate in computer web design and development

Certificate in mobile application programming PHP, C++, HTML.

Certificate in computer support maintenance and networking

Certificate in computer graphics design

Certificate in computer support maintenance and fault diagnosis


certificate in computer networking
Certificate In Computer Web Design And
Computer Studies

Certificate In Information Technology
Cetificate In Information Communication
Computer Studies

computer graphics and design
computer maintenance and fault diagnosis
Computer Packages
computer programming
computer support and maintanance
Computerized Secretarial
Diploma In Computer Studies
Diploma In Information Communication
Computer Studies

part time in computer maintenance
part time in computer repair and
Computer Studies


certificate in automotive engineering
Certificate In Mechanical Engineering

Certificate In Refrigeration
Certificate In Welding And Fabrication
Certificate Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Diploma In Automotive Engineering
Diploma In Mechanical Engineering (plant)
Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

Motor Vehical Electrician
motor vehichle electrician grade 3
Motor Vehicle Mechanics
motor vehicle mechanics grade 2
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Grade 3
Part Time In Refirigeration And Air

part time motor vehicle mechanics grade 3
part time motor vehoicle electrician
refer in mechanical engineering
Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
refrigeration and air conditioning grade 2
Welding And Fabrication

Artisan In Food And Beverage
bridging in maths,biology,chemistry,physics
Certificate In Catering And Accomodation
Certificate In Food And Beverage
Certificate In Food Science and Processing
Certificate In Medical Laboratory
Applied Sciences

Certificate In Nutrition And Dietetics
Certificate In Oil And Gas Geophysical
Applied Sciences

Certificate In Science Laboratory
Applied Sciences

Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
Diploma In Applied Biology
Diploma In Catering And Accommodation
Diploma In Catering And Accomodation
Diploma In Food And Beverage
diploma in food and beverage module 2
Diploma In Food Science and Processing
Diploma In Geophysical Technology
Diploma in Health Records
Diploma In Medica Laboratory Technology
Diploma In Medical Engineering
Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma In Nutrition And Dietetics
Diploma In Oil And Gas Technology
Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology
Parallel Science Laboratory Technology
part time certificate in science laboratory
Applied Sciences

The Library is also a section of the departments, whose Head of section is Agnes Muturi. In future the department will embark on the following new courses both in certificate and diploma;

Baking Technology
Hair dressing and Beauty Therapy
Library Information
Guidance and Counselling
Early Childhood Development
artisan in hair and beauty
certificate in early child development
certificate in hair and beauty
certificate in librarian and information

certificate in social work
Diploma in Early childhood
diploma in early childhood development
diploma in hair and beauty
Diploma In Librarian And Information

Diploma In Social Work And Community