Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Courses Offered

Indian Institute of Hardware Technology Courses Offered

Open House Courses

Apache Kafka

Artificial Intelligence Training

AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision: Foundation & Applications

Python Programming


Deep Learning


Apigee Edge Developer Training

Kubernetes with Microservices Training


AWS Technical Essentials

Advanced Java Programming (J2EE)


Advanced C++ Programming

Microsoft Excel (Advanced)


Hadoop Administration

Developer Training for Apache Spark and Hadoop

Platform as a Service:

This is not just training, it’s about complete learning solutions

It caters to the needs of learners who want course access anytime, anywhere

We approach the creation of training solutions with the same mindset as solving a problem – utmost care and keen consideration of company goals.

With a need to automate training methods, systems and processes, there is a need to transition to online training software. Undoubtedly, learners want to access learning contents at their convenience through their systems, mobiles, tablets etc. There is a significant need to ensure that the training system is accessible on various devices across various browsers and platforms. IIHT serves all of these needs, just as ordered.

Finishing School – 7th/8th Semester

The Finishing school, as the name suggests, prepares one for the transition from being a student to a professional. IIHT’s finishing school prepares students to help them foray into any IT organization and thrive there. The structured course that extends between 8 to 15 days covers brushing up of technical skills and soft skills. The course is so structured to equal focus on importance of skill development and industry exposure. Apart from helping students impart skills, we also help them stay abreast with the emerging trends in the IT industry that prepares them to face challenges of the industry.


Training in IT fundamentals

Training in articulation skills like verbal and non-verbal communication

High intensity industry orientation program

Exposure to latest and more in-demand technologies like Java, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, IMS and more

Polishing of Aptitude skills.

Access to Learning Management System where additional self-study courses are available for students to understand at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Immersive experience with intelligent design

Simulations of mock interviews and group discussions available

Feedback provided after every session.

Integrated Learning Program – 3rd semester to 7th semester

The Integrated Learning Program is designed to expose students to various real world work problems and offered facilitation of solving them. This integrated program that lasts typically between the 3rd and the 7th semester follows the Train-Hire-Deploy model that has fast taken over the IT hiring space. The program is an amalgam of skill training education that aims at making students interview ready in every way by development of applied knowledge well thought out integration of technical skills and academic knowledge put into practical use in projects, workplace skills organizational and analytical skills and understanding that employees use to successfully carry out work tasks and effective relationships Development of personal qualities and interpersonal skills that will enable students to interact effectively with superiors, clients and team mates.


Technical core topics are chosen in consultation with the institution authorities.

The full fledged integrated program has a variety which includes ones in Java, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Training delivered through the optimal methods like Blended Learning.

Intensive focus on Employ-ability

Students get access to IIHT’s comprehensive Learning Management System

Access to topics like job readiness not covered by traditional courseware

Students get access to cloud-based virtual labs which allowing practice of technical skills anytime, from anywhere, on any device.


Development of working knowledge and hands-on training in the latest technologies.

Sharpening of aptitude skills

Improved industry level communication skills

Employ-ability centered training makes students more employable

Full-fledged course made available in the students’ comfort environment of the college

Wide exposure to industry practices

Students are given support in placement through IIHT’s Nationwide placement network of more than 600+ connected recruiters.

Responsibility Matrix

In order for successful and effective conduction of the course, responsibilities for infrastructure are shared by the academic institution and IIHT.

Academic Institution

Provide classrooms for program delivery.

Anchor all activities towards student admission

Support IIHT in building a training calendar.

Provide administrative support for fee collection, course ware distribution etc.

Provide physical infrastructure like compatible computer systems.

Provide virtual classrooms. 


Curriculum design and courseware development

Provide a pool of competent trainers

In-time delivery of training as per the decided ToC.

Create assessments and share pre- and post-assessment results.

Training calendar and scheduling to be done by IIHT consultation with the college.

Placement support for the students completin

Talent-on-Demand for Enterprises

FROM RECRUITMENT TO DEPLOYMENT: Organizations today go through severe pressure to deliver services and products have little time to train new recruits. This is why the need for quality candidates is on the rise, needing candidates who fit in the job perfectly. Organizations would also need candidates who have the capability to fit well into their work culture.

 Irrespective of all the investments made during the recruitment drives that include HR costs, there is still a sense of dissatisfaction as there is a huge gap between understanding and implementations. One of the major reasons being the lack of technical knowledge which leads to the inability of gauging and assessing candidates.  This is where IIHT aims to make a difference.



Helps you to overcome the barriers of human resource management, by hiring, training and retaining staff through formal on boarding procedures.

Creates the availability of skilled resources, by recruiting candidates as per the Customer HR Policies.

Conducts Pre-screening tests to assess and acquire the perfect fits for the profile and assists with complete on boarding support.

Provides instructor-led training by multiple trainers in accordance with the skills required.

Arranging of reskilling sessions and several assessments to ensure quality and perfection.


Candidates need not depend on employers for skills-building.

More flexibility to move to other job roles within or outside the organization.

Candidate can pick the employer.

Employers prefer TOD trained candidates to others.

Candidates have the option to become a freelancer.