How Won Kenya Election 2022

William Ruto was declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential election over two weeks ago with 50.5% of the vote, but his opponent Raila Odinga is challenging the result, claiming it was fraudulent.

How Won Kenya Election 2022

Mr Odinga’s lawyers have made several allegations, one of which is that voting totals at more than 40 polling locations were tampered with to increase Mr Ruto’s tally and tip it over the threshold of 50% required to win.

Ruto won with 50.49% of the vote, narrowly defeating veteran opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who was contesting his fifth election.

He will become Kenya’s fifth President since independence, winning the seat on his first attempt. Ruto’s party, the Kenya First coalition, has won a majority of seats in Kenya’s senate, the second highest in the National Assembly.

The results announcement was delayed for more than two hours past the constitutional deadline and the country’s electoral commission was split after four officials disowned the commission’s chairman Wafula Chebukati’s results.