How To Unmask Private Number In Kenya

How To Unmask Private Number In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Unmask Private Number in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Unmask Private Numbers in Kenya

Have you ever been called using a private number? If not then you are lucky to have not experienced the nuisance and irking that these numbers bring. Nevertheless, there are reasons why someone can decide to hide their caller ID.

The first reason is to prevent your number from landing in the hands of hackers. We use numbers in accessing social media and even when downloading apps.

This guarantees the hackers the opportunity to access you through the online displayed numbers. Therefore it is advisable to hide your caller ID at times.

The other reason is to call back a number that you do not recognize.

The private display to the recipient of your call will not be able to have your number or try to access your information. It will only have the word “Private” on the other end and not your number.

Above all, are you aware that it is possible to call back a private number? This sounds like manna from heaven but it is possible. The trick reveals the private number that has been disturbing you. Follow the steps below

  1. The first thing you ought to do immediately after the private number has called is pick up your phone and make sure no one calls you before you know who the caller was. This will help because when a known number calls, it would distort the steps to know the private number.

2. You are then required to dial 69 on your phone and then call. This is effective if it is done immediately after the private number has been called.

3. The private number will then be displayed on your screen for a few moments and you will be able to trace the number.

4. If the code doesn’t work, you’ll be forced to try code 71 or 67.

In some instances, the codes above might fail to work according to the telecommunication company. You are therefore required to call the company and ask for the dialer for a private number. These codes can also be used to block calls, reject calls, and call traps.

How do I unveil a private number in Kenya?

Simply key in #31# before the number you’d like to call and the receiver of the said call will only see Private Number. For example, you can dial #31#0722000000, and your caller ID will be withheld for the said call.