How To Unlock Mkopa Phones In Kenya

How To Unlock Mkopa Phones In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Unlock Mkopa Phones in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Unlock Mkopa Phones in Kenya

Benefits of M-Kopa devices

  • Payless to get a device of choice
  • Longtime payment plans
  • High-quality and durable devices
  • Affordable daily, weekly and monthly payments
  • Secured devices with

Where to get M-Kopa phones

Once you make up your mind and decide on M-Kopa phones, you can find them at participating stores including telecom companies like MTN, Airtel, etc, or from the M-Kopa shops and centers countrywide.

How to Unlock M-Kopa phone without paying

You have 2 options to unlock the M-Kopa phone and stay without paying forever, just like bypassing D. Light phone payment lock does.

You either pay for the device in full at once to have the lock removed, or continue paying in installments as per contract terms.

This way will help avoid any additional payments and the lock will be removed once and forever

Are there other ways to remove the M-Kopa lock to avoid payments?

I have heard many write about Mkopa unlock codes. But I haven’t personally tried those codes out. Additionally, I don’t know if such codes are legitimate, and or don’t void the contract between Mkopa and the customer.

Similarly, a friend sent me an email about how to remove the Mkopa lock from the Samsung a12 by flashing. In my response to him, I told him that the better way would to be pay for the device in full in order to get rid of the Mkopa payment lock.