How to make Payment at Kenya Methodist University

How to make Payment at Kenya Methodist University

How To Pay

In line with the Mission and Objectives of Kenya Methodist University, there has been a review of the FEEs Structure, to reflect a more favorable opportunity

Click here for Government Sponsored Students Fee Structure

Click Here for Self Sponsored Students Fee Structure 

Privately Sponsored Students Account Numbers

BankAccount NumbersBranch
Consolidated Bank10071200000122Meru
Equity Bank0140290923812Meru
Cooperative Bank01129020131200 Meru
Barclays Bank030131055757Meru
Kenya Commercial Bank1113539364Meru
National Bank01021009876700Mombasa
Family Bank063000022033Meru
Chase Bank0082071993001Riverside
Standard Chartered Bank10102863422800Meru
UBA Bank55010160006068Westlands

Government Sponsored Students Account Numbers

Tution Fees Account

BankAccount NumberBranch
Kenya Commercial Bank1198953438Meru


BankAccount NumberBranch
Kenya Commercial Bank1198954116Meru