How To Make 500 Per Day In Kenya

How To Make 500 Per Day In Kenya

This article will assist you if you are looking for different ways to earn Ksh. 500 per day in Kenya. We did a lot of research and came up with a list of side hustles that you can do to earn Ksh. 500 per day in Kenya.

Here are however 11 ways to make Ksh. 500 daily in Kenya:

1. Selling stuff on a traffic jam

If you live in Nairobi or any other major city, you can take advantage of the daily traffic jam to sell stuff such as water, fruits, boiled and roasted maize, newspapers, and so on.

Traffic jams are the worst nightmares but it can be a great opportunity to make Ksh. 500 per day.

If you can anticipate where these traffic jams will be, then make a move and sell whatever you can.

So if you see that there is a heavy flow of people on Westlands Road before Thika Superhighway, try and sell something (be it food, drink, or whatever) to the people stuck there.

2. Become a Supermarket Cashier

If you are good at calculating, have a great memory, and have the patience to endure long queues, then supermarket cashiering could be for you.

You can start by being employed as a cashier (even as a holiday job) in one of the big Supermarkets in Kenya.

Most supermarket cashier jobs in Kenya pay at least Ksh. 500 per day, or even more depending on the amount of work you will be doing. If there are too many customers, you will definitely be paid more.

3. Become a School Driver

This side hustle pays well. Many parents prefer having their children be driven to school in the morning and picked up from afternoon classes, rather than worrying about how they will be taken to or collected from school safely.

Some Nairobi schools are security gazetted, which means that no uncles or touts (who usually opportunistically approach parents for these jobs) are allowed to pick up or drop off pupils.

As a school bus driver, you can easily make Ksh. 500 per day. You can start by contacting the headteacher of a school near your area and offer to be their driver part-time, or even full-time.

4. Set up a Small Retail Shop

If you are in rural areas, you can easily make Ksh 500 per day by setting up a small shop. This business requires an initial investment. You will need to have enough capital (at least bout Ksh. 10,000) to buy display racks, stock, and other things that are needed for your shop.

However, after the initial investment, you will be able to make Ksh 500 per day. To be more successful, start with items that move fast such as sugar, bar soaps, kerosene, and tea leaves.

Avoid items that might end up being deadstock since they are not frequently purchased.

5. Sell Potato Chips

Potato chips are very popular in Kenya and you can easily start selling them with little capital.

You will need to get a reliable potable supplier and buy the required equipment like frying pans, spoons, and a big dish and if you have the money you can invest in a potato heater to ensure that your goods are always hot and fresh.

With this business, you can easily make over Ksh 500 per day depending on your location, consistency and customer relation.

6. Sell Smokies and Boiled Eggs

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing potato chips, an easier alternative would be to sell smokies and boiled eggs. Boiled eggs are easy to prepare and can be sold at Ksh 20-25 each.

As for the smokies, you can sell them for Ksh 30 per piece.

These are fairly easy to prepare and have high demand. To make Ksh 500 per day, you will only need to sell about 15 boiled eggs and 10 smokies

To make more money with this business, you can hawk your products from one place to another using a trolley instead of selling in a permanent area.

7. Sell Fruits and Vegetables

Another way to make Ksh 500 per day is by selling fruits and vegetables in a stall. Fruits have high demand in Kenya, especially during the hot season so if you get the right market your business can boom.

Vegetables such as Sukuma are food stables in Kenya and move quickly. You can start this business by buying the products directly from the farmers to help boost your profit margin.

You will also need to have a good display since many customers shop on the basis of what they see. More importantly, have a good relationship with your customers so that they always look forward to coming back to your stall.

8. Sell Mahindi Choma (Roasted Maize)

Mahindi choma is a popular snack in Kenya. The roasted maize is usually in demand and you will rarely remain with unsold pieces by the end of the day.

To make at least 500 bob per day, you will need to get a good raw maize supplier. Also, invest in a good jiko and charcoal to roast the maize.

You can easily make Ksh 500 per day if you are consistent with this business. However, it requires you to be strategic with your marketing such as getting into areas that have good potential.

You can also make your maize testier by using lemon, salt, and masala. This way, you will be able to attract more customers and increase your sales.

9. Become a Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing, why not make a living out of it by becoming a freelance writer? As a freelance writer, you will be required to write for different people or employers. You can easily make Ksh 500 per day with this business but getting clients can be tricky if you want to start full-time.

To get clients, you can start by writing for blog sites, creating your own blog or writing on freelancing platforms. Another way of getting clients is by joining writing-related blogs on Facebook, advertising your services and looking out for job adverts.

But first, make sure that you sharpen your writing skills so that you don’t get disappointed by a boatload of rejections.

Article writing in Kenya usually pays per word. So if you are paid, say Ksh 0.8 per word, you will need to write at least 625 words daily. That shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, is it?

10. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is where you market products or services for someone else for a commission. You will be paid based on the sales you generate which is usually a percentage of what your client earns.

To make Ksh 500 per day through affiliate marketing, you will need to actively market something you know well or something that is trending on the internet.

Jumia’s KOL Program is one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya. If you market actively on your website or social media, you should easily make KSh 500 per day.

The amount you make with affiliate marketing varies based on the product and its sales but you will definitely make Ksh 500 per day if you’re consistent.

11. Sell Movies

Most youths in Kenya love watching movies, especially at home. You can make Ksh 500 per day by selling out movies to people who will then view them in the comfort of their homes or offices.

With the internet era, you can easily download the latest movies and then sell them cheaply to different people. You won’t need to sell DVDs or disks like in the old days which means your overhead costs are reduced and profit margins increased.

To start a movie shop, you will need at least one TV, a computer and a good internet connection. One movie usually costs about 20 bob while series cost 30 bob. This means if you get at least 20 customers per day, you can easily make Ksh. 500.