How To Invest Ksh 50 Million In Kenya

How To Invest Ksh 50 Million In Kenya

Ksh 50,000 is a good amount of money you can invest in Kenya and earn even Ksh1 million per month. Many Kenyans would want to know how best they can invest the money and generate profit from it. Instead of wasting it or just putting it in a savings account, here are the various ways to invest the cash.

  • Buy Unit Trusts

If you don’t have something urgent to do with it but Unit Trusts. With Ksh 50, 000, you’ll make over Ksh 10,000 annually. The beauty of Unit Trusts is that you can withdraw the money at any given time. Once the money is in the Unit Trust account, you will be earning interest on daily basis. The company you invest with will be buying shares in profitable companies, investing in bonds, money market and real estate. The profit they earn will be shared between the investor and the company.

  • Start a profitable business

Identify a reliable profitable business and inject the money into it.Some of the best profitable businesses to start in Kenya are:

  1. Car wash business
  2. Executive kinyozi
  3. MPESA Shop
  4. Grocery shop
  5. Selling cereals
  6. Mitumba business
  7. Selling Mandazi & Chapati
  8. Selling miraa
  9. Sell branded Tshirts
  10. Buy an old bodaboda and start bodaboda business
  11. Butchery business
  12. Buy government bonds

Government bonds are sold on monthly basis and the minimum amount to spend on them is Ksh50, 000.Use the Ksh50, 000 to buy the bonds and earn decent money after they mature.

  • Start your own blog

Blogging is a very profitable business especially for people aged below 50 years. Ksh 50,000 is enough to buy a good smartphone and create your own blog. In Kenya, creating a blog and hosting it costs less than Ksh20, 000.So with Ksh50, 000, you can comfortably become a blogger and start making money online.

Bloggers make money through AdSense, MGID, sponsored posts, direct banner ads and through marketing of their own products.

  • Save in fixed deposit account

If you don’t have something to do with the cash immediately, save it in a fixed deposit account and earn interest. You can save it for one year.

  • Loan your peers and earn interest

Start something like a shylock and loan the money to your peers who will return with interest. The Ksh50, 000 can generate for you over Ksh 50,000 more. But you should be very strict because some of them may refuse to return the cash.

  • Sell products on social media

Start selling products on social media. You can also create an e-commerce website and post the items there. Bedsheets, duvets, shoes, smartphones and curtains are some of the items to sell on social media. You can also sell Turkey clothes.

  • Save the money in Mshwari and earn interest

Mshwari offers cheap loans to Kenyans,it also allows you to save money and earn interest. If you have financial discipline, then save the cash in Mshwari and withdraw later when it has earned decent interest.

  • Buy cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a risk investment but worth taking. You can buy Bitcoins worth Ksh50,000 today and sell the same for Ksh1 million in one year.

  • Buy shares

Right now, Safaricom,KPLC and KQ are three companies you should buy shares from.KPLC may perform very well in coming years. Ksh 50,000 is enough to buy shares from any of those companies.

  • Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is free, but you will spend most of the cash you have on promoting your channel, buying a phone with good camera and buying data bundles for taking and uploading videos on your channel. You will also use the internet to do research.

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the best paying ventures in Kenya. If you are a youth, create a channel and start developing content.

Enroll for mobile phone repair course and start a Mobile repair business

If you don’t know how to repair a smartphone, enroll for a course and start your own business. Mobile repair business is among the most profitable businesses in Kenya.if you set up the business in Nairobi, you’ll be making upwards of Ksh 10,000 day.

  • Start farming

For those who have land to utilize, farming will be the best thing to do if your capital is Ksh50,000 only, Identify profitable crops and start growing them. You can also keep kienyeji chicken.