How To Get Covid 19 Certificate In Kenya

How To Get Covid 19 Certificate In Kenya

Kenya rolled out Covid-19 Vaccination in March 2021, and at the beginning of the vaccination exercise, the targeted group was front-line health workers, critical service providers such as teachers and security personnel, and persons above 58 years of age. Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is administered to teenagers aged between 15-17 years.

Why should I get a Covid-19 vaccination Certificate? 

A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is proof that you have been vaccinated against the COVID-virus. The increase in the availability of vaccines worldwide has simultaneously prompted stricter vaccination requirements by various governments to enter countries.

Although vaccination is not mandatory, its absence can result in unvaccinated individuals facing restrictive measures such as consistent testing, or quarantining. Anyone who has been vaccinated in Kenya can get their Covid-19 vaccination certificate online.  

The Chanjo Kenya portal 

The Ministry of Health in Kenya launched a self-service portal, also known as Chanjo Kenya to help all residents within Kenya to navigate the Covid-19 Vaccination processes which are:  

  • Registering for vaccination, 
  • Viewing your vaccination schedule, 
  • Viewing COVID-19 registration information 
  • Updating your COVID-19 registration information 
  • Downloading your  COVID-19 vaccination certificate  
  • Verification of your Kenya COVID-19 vaccination certificate.    

In this article, we will explain the process of getting your Covid-19 Vaccination certificate from the Chanjo Kenya Portal 

Who can get the Covid-19 Vaccination certificate? 

Anyone who has received the first dose of the Astra Zeneca, Moderna or Pfizer vaccines can register on the portal and check the date for their second dose. If you have received the full doses of these vaccines, you can download your COVID-19 vaccination certificate through this website.   

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is given as one shot so you can get your vaccination certificate as soon as you get the vaccine.