How To Drive A Tuk-Tuk In Kenya

How To Drive A Tuk-Tuk In Kenya

Tuk tuks are not only one of the most used means of transportation in Thailand’s cities, but the small three-wheeled vehicles also let you explore the area in a close and unique way. Find out how to drive Thai vehicles and what to watch out for in our Tuk Tuk Guide.

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can drive a Tuk-Tuk in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Drive A Tuk-Tuk in Kenya

The vehicles can be started like older cars: You insert the key into the ignition lock provided next to the handlebars and turn it into two positions. The lights come on and the vehicle is ready to start. 

Find the neutral gear: If the vehicle is not yet in neutral gear, you must first put it in neutral gear. To do this, pull the lever on one side of the handlebar to the handle and turn the handle until a green light signals that the tuk-tuk is in neutral gear. 

Turn the key further and start the vehicle: Just like with a car, you can now start the engine using the key.

Pull the brake and engage the gear: You brake with your foot as you would when driving a car. Apply the brake and then shift into the first gear using the gearshift. To do this, move the handle as you would when setting the neutral gear. 

Releasing the handbrake: To get started, you also need to release your handbrake. This is located next to you on the floor of the vehicle.

Release the brake: Now you can release the brake and let the clutch come slowly by releasing your hand with feeling: the Tuk Tuk starts to move and you can start the most exciting road trip ever.

Accelerate: With the other handle, you give gas like riding a motorcycle. You turn it to get faster.

Change gear: As you speed up, you’ll also need to shift up a gear: As with engaging first gear, you can also get into higher gears by pulling the lever on the handle and turning it down. To get back to a lower gear, pull the lever and turn the handle up.

During the ride: Don’t forget the traffic rules because of all the excitement: Use the buttons on the handlebars to set the turn signal, honk the horn, turn on the lights, and even activate the windshield wiper. Before you start driving, have the specifics of Thai traffic rules explained to you.

The end of your tuk-tuk ride: Even the most beautiful road trip must come to an end at some point. To do this, brake with your foot, and after parking, don’t forget to put the handbrake back on before releasing the footbrake.

Remove the key from the ignition and return it to the tuk-tuk rental company.