Download Eswatini ECESWA JC Past Exam Papers

Be aware thet if tou upload a file to the website, it is going to be available to multple of users.

1.0 Centre Admin(5/10)

Downloads used for centre administration. Registration procedures, timetables etc


2.0 ICT Downloads(1/3)

Dowloads for the ICT Examinations

3.0 Registration(3/20)

Candidate registration files for all levels. Spreadsheet files, registration fees, registration procedures etc.


The Exams Council (ECESWA) has seen it prudent to make the past exam question papers available to our current schools candidates. ECESWA hopes that this will help our candidates as they prepare for the end of year examinations. These question papers go hand in hand with their abridged mark schemes.

For teachers, there is more information which will be relevant to them in the download section of this site.

5.0 Application Forms(0/2)

If you need to apply for services at the Exams Council, you will find the necessary application forms here. For further information on these forms please click on the Download button.

For Marking Application Form please note:

  1. Save the completed application form using the level, subject name you are applying for and ID Number e.g. : EPC_SCIENCE_ 9404157890123 / JC_GEOGRAPHY_72041517890123 / EGCSE_ACCOUNTING_ 9504187890123
  2. Completed application forms should be returned by E-mail ONLY to
  3. Closing date is30 June 2020 at midnight.

Jubior Crtificate registration files for downloading. The spreadsheet file (xls) is for the registration entries through Microsoft Excel software.

Eswatini JC Past Exam Papers Download