Diaper Wholesale Prices In Kenya

Diaper Wholesale Prices In Kenya

A diaper is a piece of toweling or other absorbent material wrapped around a baby’s bottom and between its legs to absorb and retain urine and feces; a nappy.

Below are Diaper Wholesale Prices In Kenya

Diapers/Molfix Diapers

KSh 1,130

Diapers/Washable Diapers

KSh 450

Diaper Bag/Bed And Bag

KSh 1,999

Chicco 5in1 Waterproof Chicco Diaper Bag Large Maternitybag

KSh 2,400

5pcs/Set Baby Diaper Bag

KSh 1,499

Adult Diapers

KSh 800

4 Piece Baby Diaper Bag

KSh 1,800

Premium Softcare Diapers- Jumbo

KSh 1,100

Changing Mat/ Baby Mackintosh/Mackintosh

KSh 350

Places to Buy Diapers in Wholesale in Kenya?

The following is a list of places where to buy diapers wholesale in Kenya:

  1. Kinanu Wearhouse.
  2. Hunny Bunny.
  3. Pampers Solution Intl.
  4. Moska Wholesalers.
  5. Pampers Centre.

The cheapest baby diapers in Kenya are available all over. The diapers are affordable for those who are not able to purchase expensive ones for their own reasons.

Different Brands of Diapers in Kenya

There are so many brands of diapers currently available in Kenya. Some of these are listed below:

1. Molfix Diapers

Molfix diapers distributors in Kenya are widely known all over the country. This is because they distribute diapers of the best quality around. Also, their prices are not that bad at all.

You may be craving to know Molfix diaper’s wholesale price in Kenya. Well, the wholesale prices may be from Ksh. 170 for the low count to up to Ksh. 540 for the high count.

2. Huggies Diapers

Among the well-known diaper distributors are Huggies diapers in Kenya. They offer products of the highest quality at very good prices. They are among the diaper distributor companies that make the biggest profits.

3. Softcare Diapers

Softcare diaper’s wholesale price in Kenya is about Ksh. 550 on average. Softcare is one of the best diapers for your baby. No rashes, just comfortability.