Cooking Gas Prices In Kenya

Cooking Gas Prices In Kenya

Cooking Gas is a type of gas stored as a liquid under pressure in metal containers and used for heating and cooking in places where there is no gas supply.

Below are Cooking Gas Prices In Kenya

KSh13,500. Gas & Electric Cookers.

KSh19,999. 3 +1 Standing Cooker With Electric Oven.

KSh16,499. VON 3+1 Electric and oven gas cooker.

KSh5,998. Eurochef 3gas + 1 Electric Free Standing Oven Gas Cooker.

KSh10,000. Ramtons 4 burner electric oven.

KSh14,500. Beko Gas Oven & Electric Grill.


Which is the best cooker to buy in Kenya?

Standing Cookers

4G+2E 90×60 S/Steel Giant Oven Cooker- RF/394.

Ariston Cooker 4 Gas + 2 Electric Stainless Steel C911 N1 (X)/S

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×50 White Cooker 5034- RF/184.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Black cooker- RF/314.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Brown Cooker- RF/311.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Silver Cooker- RF/312.

What is the price of an oven in Kenya?

RAMTONS EB/310- 4Gas + Rotiserie + Auto Ignition Cooker: KSh 14,990. Super General SGC6470MS-Electric Cooker 60X60 with 3 Gas Burners + 1 Hot Plate: KSh 28,999. Bruhm BGC 6640NW – Free Standing Gas Cooker: KSh 12,490. MIKA Free Standing Cooker, 4 Gas Burners, Gas Oven – MST60PIAGSL/EM, 60 X 60: KSh 22,995.

How much is a Ramtons cooker in Kenya?

Ramtons EB/303 4 Gas 55×55 Dark Red CookerKsh. 25,399
Ramtons RF/356 50X50 4 Gas CookerKsh.27,499
Ramtons RF/185 2G+2E 50×50 CookerKsh.32,299
Ramtons RF/411 3G+1E 60X55 CookerKsh. 42,499

How much are Elba cookers in Kenya?

Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-White

Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-WhiteKsh.47,700
Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-BrownKsh.47,700
Elba EB/166 4 gas +2 electric Standing Cooker- WhiteKsh.61,900
Elba EB/196 5 gas Standing Cooker-Stainless SteelKsh.157,200