Cement Prices In Kenya

Cement Prices In Kenya

Cement is a powdery substance made by calcining lime and clay, mixed with water to form mortar or mixed with sand, gravel, and water to make concrete.

Below are Cement Prices In Kenya

A 50kg bag of cement in Nairobi is selling at about Sh600.

Cement prices in Kenya have dropped over the last few months as manufacturers raise production of the commodity in the wake of improved availability of clinker.

A 50kg bag of cement in Nairobi is currently selling at an average of Sh620 from as high as Sh800 in April last year – with some brands now selling for as low as Sh600.

Cement Price in Kenya

A spot check in Nairobi has revealed the following prices for top brands:

Simba Cement prices:

Simba 32.5R cement – Sh605 per bag.
Simba 42.5N cement – Sh1,000 per bag.
Rhino cement – Sh615 per bag.

Bamburi Cement prices:

Bamburi Fundi cement – Sh600 per bag.
Bamburi Tembo cement – Sh615 per bag.
Bamburi Nguvu cement – Sh680 per bag.
Bamburi Powermax cement – Sh1,000 per bag.

E.A Portland Cement prices:

Blue Triangle cement – Sh605 per bag.
Green Triangle cement – Sh600 per bag.

Savannah Cement – Sh600 per bag.
Nyumba Cement – Sh620 per bag.
Rai Cement – Sh600 per bag.