Bicycle Prices In Kenya

Bicycle Prices In Kenya

Below are Bicycle Prices In Kenya

Bicycle Size 20

KSh 6,399

Size 26 Bikes Available ( Bicycles at a Good Price )

KSh 9,999

Electric Off Road Heavy Duty Bicycle

KSh 59,500

Ex Uk Size 26 for Adults

KSh 15,000

Bicycle Rear Lights (4 Modes) 2 Designs

KSh 650

Black Mamba Bike

KSh 12,500

Ladybird Kids Bike Size 12 (2-4yrs)Pink1

KSh 7,499

Size 26 Premier Star Bicycle

KSh 13,999

Metro Bicycle Tyre 700x35c (37-622)

KSh 800

Size 20 Bicycle Gln

KSh 7,500

Lion King Bike

KSh 6,950

Fat Bike 26″ 21 Speed Gear

KSh 29,999

Black Mamba Neelam Bicycle

KSh 12,000

What is the cost of the bicycle in Kenya?

You can get vintage road bikes for lower than KES 20,000 and some good road bikes for between KES 20,000 and KES 30,000 (usually freewheel system). But KES 30,000 and above is the price I would recommend for road bikes, especially if you want to be competitive in local races.

What is the most expensive bicycle in Kenya?

Hii ni Shamba": Kenyans React to Beautiful, Luxurious Bicycle ...

“Hii ni Shamba”: Kenyans React to Beautiful, Luxurious Bicycle with KSh 700k Price Tag.

How much is a motorbike in Kenya?

Motorbikes for sale in Kenya: Dealers and prices -

Brand new TVS motorbikes price list in Kenya varies from distributor to distributor, but it is almost equal to the price of boxer motorbikes in Kenya. Each of the sellers on the online motorcycle marketplace and motorcycle distributor has their own, and they range between Sh. 97,000 and Sh. 750,000.